#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Both Francis and Redman couldn’t put pen to paper fast enough last year and are both locked in until the end of 2019.


Good to hear.


I’m surprised Redman didn’t miss the paper as he was trying to sign.


Jon Ralph said today that last year he was given a running program last year (pre pre-season I guess) and didn’t do it. Not working hard enough.

He can’t have gotten this far without knowing how much hard work you need to do could he?

Force him to train with Zach Merrett for the entire summer.


I’d pair him up with Ambrose.

The guy is a running machine. Zach I think would work relentlessly on his football ability, he isnt known greatly for his running ability.

Ambrose on the other hand. You got literally two ends of the scale between Francis and Ambrose.


Yes, perfect choice


I’d pair him with Joe. Think with Ambrose it would almost be so far out of his grasp that it would be demoralizing. Plus Joe could help him come out of his shell. The more I think about it the more I think it should happen.


Ralph’s full of ■■■■.


While I’m somewhat concerned by Francis’ progress (or lack thereof), John Ralph wouldn’t know his ar$e from his elbow. He’s about as reliable as a Bali wristwatch, and equally as loathsome as the likes of SWMNBN and Purple. The prototype modern “journalist”.
I’m glad you prefaced the statement appropriately, so I know it’s very likely a load of [email protected]


When I was 19/20 I was clueless about how scarce opportunities to leap ahead in life are. I reckon once this penny drops for him and his determination goes to another level, we’ll have a unit in the back six.


agree. putting him with Rambo is irrelevant. different spheres. put him with Joe or another young leader - much better. I’d actually pay Stants for the summer to take these kids for runs on the off-season, or Budda (BJ would be a step too far)… .

  • I was sore this morning, the only reason I went out to run when still dark outside was that someone I respect was waiting for me… likewise, I ran a tempo run the other day with my son cycling along. made me go the extra 2 kms I had all the good excuses to pass on…

If Aaron wants to build a good fitness base, it’s a monotonous, repetitive and glory-less ordeal. He should take every incentive (including peer pressure) available.


Zach was running laps at the club the day after he won the best and fairest last year. He is one of the most committed players in all aspects of the game including running.

Ambrose is a running machine and has a more similar frame and size to francis, which might make him more suitable.

Get Jobe to help him out, been there and done that kind of thing.


“great”…right. it’s been a great 15 years


If true, a big if, we should trade him.


Clearly he has taken some time to cime to terms with his brothers passing.

Im backing him in to have a smashi a preseason


He could do worse than team up with Langers & Laverde. Same age group, all striving for top 22.


Wrong forum.


He will be fine!


I’m more saying that Zach isn’t known for running 16+km a game.

To elevate Francis’ aerobic tank, lets pair him up with the guy who is known for his fitness and his never ending tank.


I would be setting him up with a crossfit personal trainer/exercise scientist combined with a running program.

Needs to build a base from where he is, combined with optimal nutrition. This is how you build a beast like Ambrose who can also read the play and execute the skills.

It would be well worth the investment.