#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Well he barracks for Essendon, so thats not surprising. Wanting a trade to Adelaide seems strange, since by all accounts Adelaide is actually not “home”


Sounds a pretty confused kid who needs a bit of love. Hope he stays - reckon his request to be traded is a cry for help. Get around him, if he comes good he’ll be something special.


Send him to live with Hardwick


None of this makes sense to me.


take your well thought out post somewhere else. Its trade time- its PANIC TIME!!!


BB’s greatest fear:

Adelaide Advertiser 31 August 2029:
Crows captain Aaron Francis today announced his retirement after 206 games with the Crows and 5 with former club Essendon. The 4 time All Australian, 3 time Crows best and fairest winner, dual premiership player and 2025 Brownlow medalist will always be remembered as a true champion of the Crows." .


Pfft they go to midfielders only. One of Hird’s kid will get it


Id see Red.


Well here would be reason Crows seemingly don’t have much interest in Francis.

The Phantom @ThePhantomSC · Oct 3 With Jake Lever officially wanting out, look out for Tom Doedee in 2018. No. 1 for intercept possessions in the SANFL in 2017 #SuperCoach

Port it is, but can’t see them coming up with anything worthwhile, unless somehow involved in trade with Impey to Hawks (who have no picks)

Would think Francis likely stays


Didn’t his brother die in 2014?

Far be it from me to tell people how long they’re in deep mourning, but for an Anglo-Celt, three years seems a very, very long time. For a lot of Europeans, three years is not even a drop in the ocean.

Depending on the circumstances, of course.


Correct. I’m going to wait until its printed in the Herald Sun.


Is it wrong for me to hope he doesn’t have any interest and has to stay. I truly believe his a talent that we cannot let go.


He’s gone. No rush for Adelaide or Port to make a play yet as only day 1 of trade period. I’d be pretty sure one of them have approached Francis’s manager in the last couple of weeks to sound him out. They will be siting back to see if we need a pick to satisfy Dogs, GC or GWS hoping we take what they offer.

Even then I think he will go home anyway. I cant cop that he has told the club he wants to be traded to one of the Adelaide clubs if neither has expressed an interest. Its not like requesting a trade to a Victorian club where their are 10 clubs. Makes no sense. One of them want him and I get the feeling we dont


Ha, but when we recruited him, midfield was definitely seen as an option for once he built his tank. It’d be the ultimate nightmare for him to end up the Brownlow winning midfield beast!!


Back then? Fifteen years ago Jobe tried to get by on talent alone, and we all know how that worked out for him. Get fit or get lost, because you won’t make it, not then, not now.


The kid is clearly all over the place. Lets hope his manager and the club are looking after his welfare. Put yourself in his shoes and it has to be tough.

Its perplexing to me. We knew he’d take time adjusting to training requirements etc and he has shown he has the talent. Is his attitude that poor we are writing him off already? Ive no doubt he could train harder but he is perpetually injured, which makes matters worse. He has left his family after the death of his brother. Thats got to be tough. On top of that he is realising afl is not the walk in the park he probably expected. Like most other draftees. I’d be dissapointed if we as a club couldnt provide him with the support he needs. Back him and give him our confidence. Some players respond to negative motivation and the desire to prove people wrong. Others need an arm around them. I think he is the latter. Get him to have a chat to jobe who has walked in aarons shoes.

At the end of the day only one bloke can do it. But we as supporters and the club have the responsibility to create an environment where he can fulfil his promise.


One other thing. If he was indigenous and from rural NT and came from a rural town after the death of his brother and shown glimpses i reckon it would be a very different narrative.

The way people are laying into this kid is a disgrace and says a lot more about them than it does francis


I reckon most people here are reading into this things they simply don’t know.
If I was going to speculate I’d guess Francis expected it’d be easier for him to make it and EFC thought he’d work a bit harder to get there. That’s pure speculation though as is most of what is written here.


It disapoints me that supporters actually want him gone… and are happy to receive no compensation.

There’s been people on this forum who have been hoping that he fails this whole year. It’s honestly pathetic.


Yep, a little surprised and disappointed with some of the comments.

From what I have read his brother was diagnosed with cancer only a matter of days before passing away. That doesn’t give family members long to say goodbye and come to terms with it.

When you’re a 17 yo that’s a lot deal with and made even harder by moving interstate to play football. If he needs to move back to S.A. so be it, but I don’t think some of the commentary on here is necessary.