#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Playing the Mitch Brown role very well. Did well tonight.


Showing some positive signs, still believe he belongs in defence.


Played well tonight.
Is better down back, but hasn’t done enough to displace Ambrose, Hooker or Hurley. Good to see him contributing well up forward while he is being kept out of the backline.


Like his lead up role. Ran well & lead hard. I feel that he is going to become very effective in this role. Threatened so much with his marking. His kicking is typically very good. Iceman goal.
Once he holds onto those marks he will be better than merely a good player.
The more he is involved the better he becomes & the more his confidence grows.
Lets hope he smashes it next week


I think that will come later now. Keep playing him fwd for a bit.

The lifting of responsibility for a man is doing his head good for the minute. It’s helping him get confidence to just play free of it and start feeling he belongs.

Grabs didn’t stick, but his Footy brain is waking. As Dingus said, … he did a lot of good 1% er’s, taps to advantage etc.


If Francis isn’t the answer then you’ve been asking the wrong question.
For a looooooong time.


His continued improvement is very encouraging. Really enjoyed his game tonight.


imagine if he had Brown’s engine…


Played a very important role between the arcs. Lead up very well to provide an option, most of our best passages of play involved him. Nice that he topped off his hard work with a long goal.


Remember when Blitz said will never be a forward?


So 1 game where he kicks 1 goal changes that?

Was very good tonight, but he’s still far better as a defender


I think he’s getting comfortable in the forward line and will open a game up soon.


Has to play

His little taps. smothers, bumps don’t get on the stat sheet but are so important.

Natural footballer


I think he had 3 or 4 of those that resulted in goals.


Worked his way up the ground and was able to utilize his natural instincts as a footballer, loved his celebration after his goal.


Lets be honest here, the wheel is possibly slowly moving in the right direction but for me he’s 1 quiet game next week away from being punted out of the team.


He was quite good IMO. He’s still a defender though. I have massive concerns with how we are developing him.



I can feel the selection panels dilemma.

He hasn’t got himself in front of Ambrose or Hurley in the backline.

He won’t displace Daniher or Stringer in the forward line.

And McKernan and Brown are about to start putting their hand up.

You have this immensely talented footballer, but where does he fit?


Needs to keep playing, looked like his confidence was growing in the air as the game went on, but was more impressive on the ground crashing contests and was good with the ball in the congestion, better than most our mids, has to be a role for this type of talent in our soft as butter side for sure

Got caught behind a lot inside the 50, which suggested def not a natural forward



I feel for both him, and the coaches tho.
He started the year as best 22 in the backline, and about 7th in line for a forward gig, and we’ve been forced to use him forward.
They probably only had a week to switch his whole training program up, given how quickly the injuries came.