100% capacity as of midnight tonight 10/4

Just announced that Victoria move back to 100%capacity for indoor and outdoor seating venues from midnight tonight.
So I assume we can sit in our own PAID FOR RESERVED SEATS


wrong - afl probably.

This calls for some cornershop

Grog squad?

I won’t be going until we can stand and sit where we want. No more ticketed BS

Thought the announcement said major sporting events will still be at 75%?

Applies to venues of up to 1000 spaces - 100% capacity OK.
Sutton has foreshadowed more to come re sporting stadiums and other spaces of more than 1k.

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Fingers crossed for Anzac Day!

Spewing the AFL has gone back to ebrry AFL member can just log in at the same time to get tickets. Would have made ANZAC day a bit easier

Full, but not to capacity?


Yeah, after my Round 1 experience I’m kinda thinking I don’t really wanna go alone if I have to sit somewhere.


What? They aren’t doing the specified times for clubs members to get tickets? It’s just a free for all with all members now?

No, just AFL members. First two games it was just competing clubs at 10am and the rest at 11am. Now all AFL members are at 10am, but we have a different section to non-AFL members so won’t interfere.

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