#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Is living off 2009 Anzac Day


pretty good defender.


That is bullshite, he went in as hard as most and harder than some.

The skill level of the Bombers is pathetic, kicking is a disgrace and handballs are so poor.

And their is just poor team selection.

The only winners the middle were Stringer and Walla, they put pressure on their opponents, but they were hardly in the middle at all.


Hard as most?! Dafuq

The guy Squibb’s contest after contest, the master of sitting under the high ball and putting one arm up to make it look like he is trying


Zaharakis and “hard” should never go in the same sentence


Watch the replay and will see several squibs in the first quarter alone. Soft as butter and shouldn’t be playing next week.


What game are you watching?


One of the great mysteries of the universe is how Zaharakis is signed until 2021.


Saw it live and he didn’t shirk anything, don’t be a ■■■■■■■■.


He shirked a lot


Is a sea gull


pretty good contract situation we are in with this bloke as well.


you are a cruel and sadistic man. Do not encourage anyone to watch the replay of this game. just no.


Not the worst player today but shithouse anyway


You can’t shirk a contest if you don’t work hard enough to get there . That’s his specialty don’t work hard enough to the contest and then you don’t actually have to put your head over it . Soft downhill skier :skier:


You just successfully broke your own rule.


Yep, let’s blame Zaka for the loss. If it makes another peanut like you feel better.


You calling me a peanut is a big call from a bloke who once lost his sh*t at Aaron Francis for being in a good mood post game after a loss that he wasnt involved in

You thinking zaka went in hard tonight sums up your ability of watching football. No idea


I’d suggest if you watched it live, you watch the replay and watch zaka be the soft footballer he has been his whole career. Shirked everything. He is a fkn embarrassment


He and every other player that does not want to bleed for the back and red should be out of the team.

Not just this week, every week !!!

What messages is players like Zaharakis senting to our young ones. He is a rotten apple that needs to be pruned before his disease spreads any further.

He and Myer…don’t care if their good blokes