#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


if only, have you seen the fanaticism from the womens football?


Was a big part of the revival last year until he got crunched against the Tigers. Has not been the same player since. Needs 3 weeks as a full time mid in the VFL to see if he can get used to taking contact/ putting his body over the ball/get some confidence.


You are the biggest whinging flog supporter I have ever heard. And that is after 60 years of listening to know nothings tell us about the lack of bravery of our players. No player shirks it or lacks courage and Zaka has played better but he didn’t shirk it and was no-where near our worst player.

So crawl back under your rock.

And next time I get to Perth, I will look you up and tell you to your face.



lol… think I’ll settle in…


Fox knows he’s safe as wozzie wouldn’t tonk an oldfart.



Have you watched the replay yet?


That SHIRK in the last was farkn deplorable


I certainly hope when I’m 60 I’ve developed a actual life and im not threatening people on a internet forum on the other side of the country that il “look them up and tell you to your face”


all this squabbling over David Zaharakis…


As long as it is just words and doesn’t result in a physical altercation, then David Zaharakis approves.


To play devils advocate, Zaka stuck a couple of hard tackles during the match and Shiel was also shrugged off after Zaka was given the slip.

He hasn’t been great in the first 2 matches but far from our worst. I think the Zaharakis hate on this thread is way out of proportion.


Worst thing is this time last week he talked a big game on SEN about effort etc…

He comes on Saturday with one of the softest games I have ever seen

AND he’s the most experienced player on our list


That contest in the last where he got outmarked 25m out from goal. Do you think he gave everything to contest it or that he squibbed it?


I dont hate zaka, no one does. But he is as soft as butter and weak around the contest. When he’s actually playing well and getting it 30 times a and kicking goals, its not highlighted. When hes poor, its massively noticeable

Zaharakis is capable of going in hard too. I’ve seen it plenty. But it’s when he chooses not to, and that’s been plenty the first two rounds, its honestly pathetic. Hes better than that.


Yeah 100% spot on. I think when the rest of the team is playing really physical football Zaka can get away with not doing it. All teams have a guy like that. He’s still very valuable in my opinion.


He is valuable. And hes never going to change. That’s the way he is. But you can arguably only carry a guy like that if their in good form and contributing. Zaka has been woeful so far, as our most experienced midfielder, he needs to literally, harden up and be a leader. I find his performance on the weekend bemusing after his interview during the week. Literally said that what he was saying means nothing unless they put it into action. To come out the following week and squib contests after saying all that kinda jargon, is poor leadership

I doubt he’ll be dropped. He deserves to be, but he won’t be, and il give him one more opportunity to walk the walk on Friday night. Not just me, but a lot of eyes are on him. Its time to shutup, and deliver. That goes for the rest of the team


I actually saw him put in a legit chase down the wing on the weekend. He didn’t quite catch the guy but he was at top speed and closed from distance. What was upsetting is I don’t think I have ever seen him do that before. He is the master of the half arsed jog chase which never really threatens the ball carrier.

This is an area which had been lacking across the board in the last two weeks. We really need to ramp up the intent in our pressure rather than just going through the motions.


Yep, he had two opponents and was way out of position.


Supported Essendon as a kid. He stays in.


He’s a microcosm of Essendon of the past 15 years, of which this is his 11th season at the club. Shows flashes of brilliance from time to time, but too often goes missing when it matters. He’s never been challenged for his spot in the team and has largely played the game on his terms. A club with strong leadership and culture would’ve dropped him at some point in the last 4-5 years, which may have jolted him into action to become a more team oriented player and one who goes when it’s his turn to go (I mean in terms of putting his body on the line). There were several instances where he shirked body contact, and some of his tackling efforts were feeble to say the least.

He’s not the only one who could do with a spell in the VFL to spark them into action. It’s time the club made the tough calls at the selection table instead of playing favourites and dropping the same blokes over and over again (Parish, Langford).