#12 Mark Baguley


That doesn’t sound good. However, given that we had around 300 goals kicked against us in 2017 if the 6 defenders collectively were held responsible for all goals, that would be 50 each on average.


Arguable, I reckon.
There is an understandable tendency to imagine older players as ‘slower’.


He was pretty poxy the first month or so.
Was solid to good after that. McNeice may push him, but it won’t be a pushover.


Man, they are some damning stats.

Seems right, though. His one-on-one defending was way down last year.


The only two times they’ve played in the same games, Eddie kicked 5 (and polled a Brownlow vote) & 3

I think you’d be happier with that as Eddie’s coach than Saad.


To my eye the big issue he had last year was over committing at contests, not quite getting there to effect the spoil and leaving himself out of position with his man turning and going behind him. This could be a result of just losing half a yard.

Regardless he needs to play a bit more conservatively and make sure he doesn’t let his man out the back by over committing


Write off Bags in 2018 at your own peril.


I haven’t


Who’s writing him off?


His 2017 numbers are poor. I know he performs a shut down role but those numbers tell a different story. Might be time to try something different? Wouldn’t it be “funny” if Saad was actually replacing Baguley and McNiece is releasing McGrath to play in the muddle.


Not written off, but theres a very healthy competition for spots in the team.


McNiece has more than enough courage and desperation IMO not to mention reports that he’s arguably becoming a leader at the club despite inexperience. Few too many reactionary posts IMO rushing to the defence of Baguley who is clearly the wrong side of 30 and has a young McNiece breathing down his neck based on training reports and the intra club. Baguley has his nose in front and probably plays Rd 1 but I’d expect and almost hope that’s reversed at some point during the season.


Check with Black Kavanagh for one


Bj is also a factor in this discussion, as is the question of whether we play 3 talls or 2.

3 talls, Gleeson, Saad, Conor. Bj as 7th defender much like Kelly last year. Are we going to play 8 defenders?

Iirc be final Kelly moved


McNiece turns 26 in about a month. He’s younger than Bags, but not exactly a long term successor.


No… nope… not again… please no… just no.


26 is approaching prime. You can get plenty of time out of him. I see your point but he’s hardly ancient.


My point was more I can see the age argument if you’re talking about someone around the age of say Redman, but I don’t think it holds water when we talk about McNiece.

Personally not sure which is the better option. McNiece is probably pacier and has great disposal. Bags before his knee was no slouch though and his disposal was above average too. I’d probably back Bags in at the start of the season, if it’s not working out you have McNiece there as a semi-ready made replacement.

Probably something we need to look at development wise is another small defender or two given McGrath probably won’t be playing that role very much going forward. Not much depth there.


Does bags get selected round 1 though. Assuming Adelaide play 4 talls i can’t see a place for him over saad and mckenna particularly given he has struggled on betts previously. So he might not even start the year in the side.


If you actually have him in my best 22 in the Best 22 thread.

But yeah, great call.