#12 Mark Baguley

Season Highlights
23 disps (15 kicks 8 hballs), 6 marks and a goal in Rd 6 39-pt win over GWS at Etihad Stadium (4 May 2013)

Best 22, who’da thunk it?

We have a small back pocket! hooray - last pre season everyone was concerned about our small forwards/small backs and i said under my old username (bombs_away) that we had a player in Baguley.

He is competitive, a body on body player and has the pace to stay with opp small forwards and his tackles stick. Even the last two rounds of season I saw glimpses of his VFL form before we drafted him that once he won the contest he would back himself to take the ball and run with it. 

Bags and Hibbo together is a good combination going forward with the possibility that Dalgeslish or Browne improves, we may have the opportunity to play Dempsey on a wing. 

Good, tough small defender.  As stated above, works well with Hibb, is more accountable than Hardy (who he displaced from the side) and I can't remember a bag being kicked on him this year.  Occasional glitch in kicking can let him down, but outside that in my best 22 at Essendon any day.

Mr. Bagger Lee

Has come of age in a hurry. Solid, reliable and unspectacular, just what l want in a small defender. Tackles like a terrier. 

Loved SLattery, ergo, Love Bags.

I didn't think he was AFL standard. I owe him an apology. Best shut down small defender we've had since Hardwick.

underrated. good player

Great job by Bags to nail down his spot in the best 22. Our backline is really looking good for 2014. 

And will only be better in 2014

Great season Bags. Integral down the back. Very happy.

Coming on nicely, and doing his job. Doesn't get towelled up too often, which is about all you can ask from your small defender.

Very good season Bags. Tough, gets the job done and is surprisingly good in the air. The one area that needs work is his disposal (it isn't terrible, but needs to be better)

tough ■■■■

I - like 99% of blitz - thought this guy was rubbish at the start of the year.

Very happy to be incredibly wrong.

Yep, eating some crow here.

He is what people wanted Henry Slattery to be.
Great pickup.

Probably the only player to touch him up this year was LeCras, and there is no disgrace in that. Very happy with the lad.

Tough as nails has no regard for his personal safety big ups on his year and hope he finds another level next year.