#12 Will Setterfield

Not bad, but personally I would have gone with:

“Will, will be willing to have the willpower to be desperate to prolong his career.”

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we’re so getting fined

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Yeah, I think he will. He’s more intelligent a coach we’ve had for a while.

Was more tongue in cheek from me.

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Good get from my perspective.

Now we can do they same as Carlton and play him everywhere beside inside mid which is what he is good at.

Dodoro just needs to go after McCluggage to collect our top three pick 1 options set. Nothing like a bit of cap space to entice him to the bombers.


Nino on Anti-Suicide watch

Yeah, I’m tired today. Anyway, it was good Will hunting, from Dodoro.


There’s certainly a spot in the middle for him if he wants it enough.

He’s 24 so has a lot of footy in front of him if he wants to turn his career around.


I hope we give him #43. He reminds me a lot of Walla.


Tall strong inside midfielder who uses the ball well, can take a mark, a former top 5 draft pick, a fresh start under a brand new coach who has promised to play him in his natural position. Honestly, I’m as excited with this inclusion as I was with Wrighty. I’m tipping a season very similar to Will Brodie’s 2022.


Setterfield >> Saad :wink:


he wont. get a fair Go as the usual, blitz Zealots won’t want t9 change their bel0ved starting lineup. .

Where is the “welcome to Essendon” video to fans haha

Cost a packet of crisps and unlike most of our midfield is allowed to ride any rollercoaster.

I’m ok with it.


Incoming 15% off at bombershop email surely


Reminds me of Koutoufides…

I thought this song was written for him. First verse anyway.

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I’m pretty sure everyone associated with the Essendon Football Club rides a daily rollercoaster.

Setterfield cost Carlton picks 19 and 43 (with 71 coming back), so that’s another reason to like Will, he farked Carlton. Good boy Will.


Remember when Keneddy landed at Carlton the club had to go to a local shop to put him in the clubs polo lols

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