12 years on, still no gun midfielder drafted

Every year I watch the trade period I come away more amazed that for over a decade now essendon have not looked at addressing their number 1 deficiency, the midfield. The amount of quality players that have come up during trade week that we should of been going hard for and relinquishing a player from our strong area (KPP's) has been astounding to me.


Surely if we added one or 2 quality mids to our team we would be a real force to be reckoned with. The midfield is the most important area on the field, surely the club could target someone during the season, offer them a great deal to prize them out of their own club (like the dogs did with crameri).


Despite goddard having a great year at the club, even last year I felt as though we paid too much for someone that doesn't adress our main deficiency, instead of waiting for a fully fledged midfielder that's a bit younger to come along (ie. daisy thomas). We will always be battling against it if he don't bring in some A grade or potential future A grade midfield class. While teams like carlton and the dogs are almost opposite (over supply of midfielders, under supply of talls) we seem to be going against the modern day trend of not making the midfield the no.1 priority and it has been costing us for a decade.



If you think our midfield is our biggest problem now, well I don't you've been watching us very much.

Because things have worked out so well for Carlton and the Bulldogs...

*cough cough Heppell*

*cough cough Watson*

*cough cough Stanton*

Is this thread something that has been re-hashed from 3 years ago?

*cough cough Heppell*

*cough cough Watson*

*cough cough Stanton*

*cough cough Melksham*

*cough cough Myers*

*cough cough Zaka*

Oh please, who are these quality mids that we should be going for with the picks that we have?
Enlighten me.

Yes...I agree...picking up Goddard instead of waiting for Thomas to be available has been an unmitigated disaster.


And could you please enlighten me on the make up of Carlton's quality midfield (and which players they picked up that we should have)?

Watson, Heppell, Goddard, Stanton & Melksham (after coming good this season).


Did I miss something?

Yeh I still don;t rate our midfield without jobe watson. Actually I'm not sure of a top 8 midfield which that group of players would match up better against?