#14 Jordan Ridley


Fyfe, I’d say Cripps but he’s overrated.


are these BSD alts posting these ■■■■ nicknames?


Parish, but bigger. More rippled.
Looks like he’d be a real goer at the gym.


Donnington please confirm?


He neither looks or plays anything like Parish. I guess all white guys look the same to you


Ahhh…my mistake.


What kind of forward does he match up on? Yes, he may end up on a wing, eventually, but it ain’t this year in the seniors, imo.

Is he suited to mid sized forwards, in the mould of de goey, miocheck, gunston…or can he play a little taller?


Most of which would be illegal theses days, or with the speed of the game would turn out illegal in the end.

Which is why players don’t do it anymore.


That’s my biggest concern for him in the AFL, teams will try and create a mismatch, isolate then play through him, and at the moment he is vulnerable to both slippery smalls and stronger talls, leaving only the mediums and skinnier tallish types.


I’m of the view that for the balance of our backline, Ridley would be competing for a spot with Francis as the 3rd tall to play a role on the types WOB mentioned earlier.

Most balanced backline is:

Saad Hooker Redman
McKenna Hurley Francis

I’m really hoping Redman gets up and going in the first third of the season.


I like Redman’s versatility to both defend and attack

Gleeson and Ridley to fight it out for the 7th spot from the interchange?


100% mate. Was spewing he got injured when he did last year because he looked a great fit back there.


Ridley seems to be an organised and efficient which I love in a player - Want to see more of his one-on-one defending - He develops and he could be a Wellman type.


Yeah I agree. I dont reckon you can play Hurley, Hooker, Francis and Ridley in the same backline. It’s too much of a unbalance for mine. I reckon Redman compliments them blokes much more


Laidley and his pointy shoulders specialised in going in low, sometimes a bump but often a driving low front on tackle - hence my reference to ‘guts’. Unlike the overtly ‘clean em up’ brigade, who’d definitely be illegal these days, it took several years for people to recognise just how tough Laidley was and the impact he had.
The mid size equivalent of ruckmen who tackle smaller mids into the sub soil, or mysteriously keep falling on them.
Not illegal but a hard grinding hurt factor.


Junkdan Ripyard


Got a feeling Ridley only fits in this year if we have an injury. He’s really good but there’s definitely not a spot on the wing and he’s up against Hurley and Francis for a spot in the backline. Obviously if with play a team with a taller forward structure he might slide in. I cringe at the thought of him playing on De Goey. I think Ambrose would get that gig aver Riddles. I like Ridley more as a player but i can’t see him being strong enough to match a player like that.


Hooker missing a few opens a door.

I wonder how Thursdays setup might mimic Rd 1?


Ridley looks smart, silky and composed to me. Definitely in our round 1 side and was a positive for me tonight.


He does look good, doesn’t he? He did look a bit slight though. Get in the gym, Rids.