#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


I’m not saying it’s Lav but fck me, do you really think he cannot be replaced? You could literally stick Parish there and he’d do better than a total of 12 tackles and 4 goals in 5 games and he’s not a pressure/small forwards left nut

Think you might be overrating Baguley a tad mate, he’s been a warrior but geez he is struggling big time and his stats/output reflect that


Mate, I’m just happy to be winning.


You all know he can play off the bench right? He doesn’t have to fit into the role of the player omitted.
Myers comes off, lav comes on, stringer comes off, lav comes on, Daniher comes off…you get the picture.
Point is, laverde makes us a better team, if that’s coming off the bench, so be it.


90% of people aren’t, he just gets picked anyway.
i imagine if lav was in the boys group which there is some evidence he is, he will be rushed back no matter what we all think anyway.


depends, does 30 possies a game mean you’re a great player if you ■■■■ up every one of those possessions ?

i’m not gonna say bags shouldn’t be under pressure to lose his spot, and probably woulnd’t be upset if he does, or doesn’t.

but you could run through a few players on our list and find similar players with less tackles.
yes different players and different roles etc etc, but you don’t need a stat to prove you’re applying pressure, as alot of it goes unrewarded except by those who look for or acknowledge it.


Despite how well he played in the VFL, do we really think it’s a great idea to bring in someone with Lav’s injury history on a 5 day break?

I can’t see it happening, especially considering that we’ll already be making two changes to a winning side, with Smith & Zaharakis set to return.

There will be plenty of opportunities if he can string together that sort of form in the VFL. We’ve got a 5 day break in a couple of weeks time, when we play Geelong on a Sunday and then head to the SCG to play Sydney on the Friday night.

I think we’ll see more of players like Smith being rested, which will open the door up for Lav & co, if they haven’t already forced their way into the senior side by then.


the simple answer could be, they are still trying to find out all the above, but atm defensive pressure may be the standard they need to keep for now, as most teams seem to be relying so heavily on players being able to get to contest after contest after contest.

Lav doesn’t really have any strengths that have stood out at afl level so far either. his goal kicking has gone downhill, he’s generally doesn’t get alot of it either, and his decision making and skill isn’t that great in field kicking.

I’m the same i’m not fussed if he comes in, won’t be fussed if he doesn’t, i’ve never really seen the hype in what he offers though, to me it seems more like people what in him cos he barracked for essendon.


last i’ll mention on it all, with people getting hung up so heavily on the tackling stat alone as the only form of supposed indication of defensive pressure.

fanta -11 tackles for the year
mcgrath - 8
hooker albeit only 2 games in - 0
hurley -3
zaka- 11
mckenna- 7
Guelfi- 10 from 4 games
Parish - 15 from 4 games

i could go on , but eh. for a team that doesn’t seem to tackle that much as a whole, their “defensive” pressure seems to be working pretty good the last 3 weeks as least.


LAV to come in v Cats and banish his demons for good.





Are you going to let this slide ?


@Stallion’s spending too much time in the bushes.


#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it uninjured (1 week)


Yeah but people aren’t quoting their defensive tackling features as the main reason for getting picked.


I liked the signs that LAV showed in the VFL midfield towards the end of last year…so…if I had my way, I’d continue that, and our 2019 VFL centre bounce midfield would be focused on these names:

  • Langford
  • Laverde
  • Mynott
  • Begley

Because, I still want to see whether two of these names can become the successors to Myers/Heppell in coming years. They all have a bit of size, decent disposal skills, but perhaps lacking a touch of speed/agility, but that can’t be helped.

You would have deduced by now that I don’t quite feel that Mutch/Clarke have the qualities to make the leap to senior AFL.

And lastly…I don’t think any of these boys would object to being thrown the challenge of playing in the midfield. Quite the opposite. I think Laverde wants to play midfield. I think most AFL players relish the challenge of playing midfield. Perhaps Langford/Begley would be most impatiently eyeing a senior opportunity in the forward line.

Maybe they play in the VFL as 50/50 mid/forward, and if called upon to play in the AFL this year, try to still give them 25/75 mid/forward exposure at that higher level.


Talk VERDE to me

Cue @Stallion on the sax


Go for it today Lav!


If he plays well he comes in for Brown?


Please play well.


Please bring him in against Geelong.

■■■■ the hoodoo!