#15 Josh Green - delisted


Poor timing given the circumstances. Wouldn’t blame the bloke if he comes into this weekend’s game feeling a little flat.


Dunno… . if the fwd small role is still considered a half rest for a mid, then Tippa, Smith, Parish, McGrath, Zaka, Raz are all players that have the skills to transition through there and still do the job. That’s how I’d play it… wouldn’t spend high picks on a small fwd. Each to their own I spose


And if don’t draft and start developing another small forward to full Bags roll, I’m putting peoples ■■■■■ in cannons


Who would you suggest?, we have zero depth in that role imo


It goes to show just how much talent our list has on it that a player of Greens ability is someone we cut nowadays.

I think he’s an AFL standard player and I hope he gets another shot.


Mathew Neagle come on down.


I have two thoughts that come to mind.

  1. yes, we have someone in mind either by trade or draft.

  2. We felt Green was surplus and we have little recognition for how important the small forward role actually is to our success


Of all the “obvious” delistings he’d be last on my list.

That list now consists of two since Jerrett and Green are gone.


We seem to like playing three small forwards, and we now have three on the list (maybe Houlahan makes four?). I’d like to get at least a couple of potential replacements on the list.


I have no link to the inner sanctum at the club so have no idea if I’m on the mark or not but there is more to it than just his ability or deficiencies IMO.
He seems a very selfish player and prefers to do as he wants rather than conform to team structures and instructions. You simply can’t have that and I’d guess that is one of the main reasons he has been cut


Or we figure Baguley’s success in the role and or success at the same time redefined the parameters around that role.

I reckon if you’re not Cyril you’d better bring the Baguley elements.

And Green wasn’t Cyril.


Just for context

Begley - not small
Houlahan - not small
Colyer- not a forward
Laverde - definitely not small.


green, not good.


Nail, head, hit.


But is “small” a necessary requirement for the role?


And what if one of your small forwards is a rotating mid?


sure, but there is also

Tippa - definitely not tall (but they kick it to him like he’s CHF tall)


Well we certainly have a lot of small mids to rotate through I guess.


Reckon it’s necessary


That’s an absolute requirement.

It’s also a requirement for them to apply forward pressure and be able to cover ground quickly in transition

I get what your implying.

Tell me this

What aspects of Raz and Tippas game do you see in those guys?