#15 Josh Green - delisted


Only if they turn over a new leaf.


The usual whispers about Jack Billings are stronger this year

Saints boards reckon he’s looking for a new home, that he won’t hang around if richo stays, and that they can’t get rid of richo because they can’t afford the exit clause


You’re nuts


I suspect this came down to Bags and Green for the time being… no room for both. He brought his all but wasn’t enough. Hopefully this keeps Bags safe. This doesn’t mean we won’t be looking for an upgrade the second we find one.


the right call by the club. He just doesn’t have enough tricks to his game. His isn’t quick at all. Isn’t deadly enough in front of goal.

He isn’t that old,so he could get picked up by a bottom team who needs a bit of experience.


I liked him. Only 25!

When we were up and running last year he and Raz were a dangerous combo

Injuries crulled him both years.

I would have kept him but given him a rocket to smash the preseason or else

Curious to know what Woosha and Co think players like Long and McNeice offer to the list. Neither have displayed any real evidence that they can play at AFL level

No doubt the Long lovers will disagree


Fkg concur and those players are obvious delisting for mine.


Just because they’re not delisted yet doesn’t mean they won’t be.
We’ve had a history of dragging out the delistings


I get the feeling Mr Sunbury isn’t too much of a fan of McNeice


He’s obsessed.


Another one I had loaded in the cannon goes.


I feel sorry for him but the club has made 3 correct decisions so far.


I liked Green and I think he is pretty stiff especially when you consider our small forward depth. We better bring in a small forward in the offseason.


Doubt McNeice is going anywhere.


Reckon we have a good quota of smalls that can play that fwd pressure role. Bags kinda showed the modern role is probably less about goalsneaking and reading a crumb off a pack than it is about tackling and applying pressure… Green was old school.


As long as he’s on his own special list, why would you cut him?


No idea
Ask the people who want him cut.


We have absolutely zero depth in that role even if Bags is kept. We must bring in at least 2 now and keep Bags


Kinda like Leroy Jetta, except Jetta could kick a goal from beyond 35m.
Still didn’t mind the little red head thou. Was always hungry for a goal.


Thread needs more Josh Green doing the double cobra.