#15 Josh Green - delisted


Likes a snapshot, too!


Correct. Josh was on lifeline money


I actually think Dan Younan fits the criteria of the modern pressure forward well. He has a strong body, tackles hard, hard in the ground ball contests and is clever around the goals, reasonably consistent and more pace than green. That being said i think someone said on here he is a bit of a wanker so wouldn’t get drafted off the no ■■■■■■■■ policy.


I think there’s a point in there: in that they started preferring a medium type (Lav), over Green, from a certain point onwards.
Even though the structure - ball movement wise - seems to work better with 3 x munchkins.
I’m not sure the defensive side was any worse, even though it theoretically should’ve been worse.

I agree they’re not the same. Lav and/or Begley really should be the Stringer backups.

I hope we chase 2 or 3 small, fast, types.
I worry we won’t.


Theres another issue. IMO Worsfold is looking for small and even medium forwards he can run through the midfield or at least have an alternate position role. Green was not well equipped to do that. As it is, the small forwards like Tippa, Fanta, Smith, Trav, Parish, can all go though the midfield rotation. Guelfi and Baguley can plug a hole down back. Green was the exception. IMO The replacement for Green will probably be fast mid/forward type.


I agree with this. I like the idea of small forwards who are essentially specialists. But they need another string to the bow or they need to be exceptional. Green doesn’t fit either of those categories


Hes oooooooooooooooold. You might as well call him Grandpa Younan and same age as green. surely theyd go for a young kid


I don’t have a problem with older role-players.


You don’t want a list full of them.
A few here and there are fine.


Younan does seem to have fwd play down pat. Runs to good areas. Clever around goals. Good mark for his size. Accurate set shot.

It’s maybe just athletic ability that would hold him back enough.

Can’t say I’ve watched that much VFL however.

Is he quick enough?



Sorry to see Josh leave. Love anyone who dons the sash. Put his body on the line , scored some important goals. All the best for the future Corgi !


Somebody’s drinking reds with the blokes from footy?

  • joshgreen6All I wanted to do as a kid was to play one AFL Game. To play for 8 years and 105 Games I’ve accomplished more than I thought I would. Thanks to @essendonfc for the last two years, I can’t thank the club enough for what they done for me and for my family - also to my family and friends thanks for the support over my career :+1: over and out your boy greg.



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No hard feelings by the sound of it. Good luck and thank you


Raz is on the Reds.



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My dad used to own a fruit shop, doesn’t mean I’d bring a carton of apples to a blokey ■■■■-up.


Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a part of a drinking game.