#15 Josh Green - delisted


Good analogy that. Most times it was really random where that ball would go after he kicked it.


Just knows his chances of being picked up by another club are limited.


There wouldn’t be. He’s really nice bloke Josh.
And loves Essendon.
Really loves Essendon.
And if you want to hear what pure hatred is, get him to talk about Brisbane.


That’s class. Pure class.



Essendon VFL ???


Out of interest, what did they do to make him hate them so much? He played a fair bit with them and played better at times than he did for us, so it can’t be lack of opportunity.
Was it the coaches he just didn’t like? The admin staff? The city?


Would he stay on at VFL level if he doesn’t get picked up?


Don’t know mate.
Haven’t asked.
Fair chance he could go home and just run around with Clarence I would think.


Enjoyed the city, hated almost everything about the club.


The club was a complete shambles when he was there. wouldnt be easy playing with a club thats got no f-ing idea.

Seriously hope he plays AFL next year. always works his @ss off


Footy is a brutal industry. I’d give him another contract just because of his Instagram post lol. Really feel for the guy


Haha… imagine if we signed up now.
This time next year the number of people going “we shouldn’t have signed him again. It was all because of some Instagram post. Hawthorn would never be that unprofessional”


You’ve come back far too soft, you wren’t kidnapped into a cult were you?


He will probably get more money playing suburban or country foot than VFL.

Would be hard to stop at lower grades, and would kick lots of goals.


Had a red the other day with Lynne. Excellent wine and superb companu


Shame he couldn’t quite get his fitness right. The kind of player that rounds off a team.

Thanks Corgi. Good luck in the future


Thanks Greeny, you where the most successful 50 year old darts player to ever transition to AFL.
Ps. Please tear it up in the VFL for the next 2 weeks. We need a chance to farewell the double cobra!


I dunno, Chappy did ok as well.


If Greeny doesnt get picked up elsewhere, who is the AFL player that looks like they should be playing local reserves grade footy?


That balding Brisbane player who looks about 45. Walker?