#15 Josh Green - delisted

Welcome Josh - you’re our little **** now :slight_smile:

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Essendon Football Club is pleased to announce delisted free agent Josh Green has signed a one- year contract with the Bombers ahead of the 2017 season.

Following 81 games with the Brisbane Lions, the clever small-forward and two-time Club leading goalkicker said he was excited to join the comeback story.

“I’m really grateful for the chance to revitalise my career at Essendon this season,” Green said.

“I feel that my best football is still ahead of me and I can’t wait to get in and do the hard work over the summer.

“I’m excited to join such a dynamic and talented list, and working under the great leadership of John Worsfold. I’m excited about what we can achieve as a team in 2017 and hopefully I can be part of the Club’s next chapter of success.”

Senior Coach, John Worsfold, said the 24-year-old is a welcome addition to the Bombers line-up.

“The playing group is continuing to mature and driving each other to improve and maintain elite standards through hard work,” Worsfold said.

“We are all motivated by team success and building on our experiences from last season, which Josh will play an important role in.

“We will challenge Josh to work closely with Performance Coach, Hayden Skipworth, to ensure he reaches his potential through a tailored training program. Having overcome some serious injuries, we believe we can get the work into Josh that he requires to consistently play at his best.”

List and Recruiting Manager, Adrian Dodoro, said Green would provide the Bombers fans with plenty of excitement as he embarks on his seventh AFL season.

“Josh is a natural footballer with clean skills, and terrific goal-sense,” Dodoro said.

“He was identified as fitting the criteria for a list management need for the Club so we’re really looking forward to what he will contribute to the team next season.”

Green was drafted to the Brisbane Lions with pick 32 in the 2010 AFL National Draft and made his debut in Round 9, 2011 against North Melbourne.


Was all for him coming in but I’m surprised given Reboots indication we only had very minor interest and it likely wasn’t happening unless he was prepared to play for peanuts. Perhaps that occurred.

Absolutely fills a list need as Dodoro says.

Welcome little angry red headed goal kicker!

Already had 3 x 25 goal seasons at that rabble. If he gets fit will kill it in a strong AFL team sending plenty of ball down to the topline talls to crumb off.

Good get at 24 if they can get him fit…24-27 is peak time for AFL players IMO

Good get.

Should be interesting

He’s a ****ing nuisance and I think that’s awesome

Tippa Green Raz crumbing til the early morn’

I swear they’ve taken that pic from one of Cooney and changed the face

Needs to reignite the fire, lose a few kegs and get back to this level.

I like this. I don’t think he will the pick up of the offseason but he has the potential to be a nice fit for us. An opportunist who might bob up at the right time and give us that much needed goal.

Welcome to the Bomber family!

Haven't had a ranga for a while.

St Aaron of Francis

I am happy with this. This has been an area of weakness of our list for a long time, and while yes we now have Raz, it is good to have a back-up/some flexibility. Also one year is good. Get him thinking about earning the next contract from the get-go, with no room for complacency.


I think he’ll be a decent pickup and I reckon he’ll be a fixture in our forward line but still, meh.

Great get. Potential 30-40 goal a year forward and obviously playing for the minimum on a 1 year deal. Love to see him drop 5kg’s and really prep himself for a good year.

Offensively he seems to be a good fit - read a stat that since 2011, of the top 70 goalkickers, he ranks as third most accurate at 76% … dunno if he is number 70 though on that list, but he fits into a good age range, and is a natural forward.
No idea of what he offers defensively or how he pressures the opposition but I suspect that its not great. But benefit of doubt and all that

Upgrade on Kommer?

Yep. Fill an area of need at the very least. Only 24, that surprised me, thought he was a bit older. If we can get 30+ goals from him then he will be well worth the signing. Looks like X.Richards will follow, again no star but a hard-working tall who if one of him and Stewart work out as a decent foil to Daniher the team can only benefit. Welcome Josh, head down bum up and earn your spot!

3rd most accurate goal kicker in the AFL…that alone helps us

Welcome ‘Peanuts’

I rate him. that statement means alot on this forum. interested to see what he can do for us