#15 Josh Green - delisted


The one-year contracts are more a reflection of the injury risk than ability, me thinks.


I’ll just be happy to be around when we win our 5 on the trot - 2019,20,21,22,23.(Runners-up 2018)


1 year seems about right. I think he did ok this season, then again he wasn’t helped by starting on the CHB square at some centre bounces and streaming through the middle. He is a forward pocket player. Leave him there, especially at centre bounces


You need your head read if you think he’s AA




Just watch his highlights video to see what value he brings to the team.
One year is fine. Stop whinging.


His re-signing was never in doubt. As someone has already indicated the one year extension has more to do with the doubt caused by his serious foot injury, than an indication of his ability.

Now the real question is how do we fit 8 or 9 quality goal kickers into only 6 forward positions?



Good for depth but I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t play VFL all year as he isn’t in our best 22 IMO. Far too many games where he did little to nothing


He’s someone who desperately needs their spot taken by someone better next year.


He could still have improvement in him because last season he had no pre-season.
I reckon he’s fringe best 22. if he’s fit and can’t get a game we’re in good shape.


I have him best 22 next year if fit. People quickly forget how our forwardline functioned when we lost the preferred make up


I agree that he was pretty important to our 2017 forward structure but already the 2018 forward structure is quite different.


Maybe to begin with but we want to have added two mids and a back flanker. Not new forwards


I reckon the team played better with him in it for some reason but his form itself was mostly OK was some occasional good moments. I have no issue with him playing the entire year next year and if he’s replaced it’s clear someone has edged him out due to form, either way, win-win.


How so?

Our fwd structure was one of the most effective in league. Only time it wasn’t was when our midfield was comprehensively beaten.

So we went out and addressed that by bringing in players expected to play midfield / able to release others to play midfield.

Both Smith & Stringer will be training preseason with the midfield group. As will McGrath.

The fwd 6 will not be changing IMO

Forward pressure is a vital part of the game today and Green plays his role doing so, whilst kicking goals and setting up for others as well.


We will always have 5-6 injuried most weeks, so there’s spots for everyone if they’re good enough.


Yeah, Smith and stringer will play midfield but adding them in to the mix means we’ve got more mids who will rotate/rest up forward while still bringing the pressure that Green often brought. Add to that the emergence of Begley late in the season.

I like Green and reckon we often looked better with him in the team, but I’m not convinced that what he brought to the team in 2017 won’t be made up for and then some by a change to the 22 as a result of the recruitment of SSS.


Will be pushed out of the regular 22 with the incoming players (Stringer, Smith) and existing midfielders rotating through the forward line.

As others have said, we’re in a pretty good spot if Green is coming into the side for a few weeks to give blokes a spell.

Hopefully he gets his foot right and remains hungry, pushing for senior opportunities throughout the year.


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Not best 22