#15 Josh Green - delisted


They did the same thing for McNeice


theres also a question mark in the email image.


Good news.

Thought he was handy this year and still has improvement.


I agree, but not because I don’t like him, but because that will mean we have some seriously good small forwards on the park. Also means we’ll have proper depth at small forward. If Green is the guy we bring in due to injury, then we’re in a pretty good place.


Marketing dept. are having an off day.
“Josh Green to Don the sash until 2019?”



From a list POV i hope its only 1 year.



He will play plenty next year. If he hadn’t broken his foot at end of year would have easily got a 2yr contract IMO.

Wooshs words indicate he is highly rated


agree. a good player to have for that role on the list.


Just not a fan, he’s serviceable but I don’t think he’s the vital cog many think he is.


Signed on until 20193. Awesome! Only 18176 years to go!


He gives us structural flexibility I think.

I personally preferred it with him in the side as opposed to Laverde.

At least the coaches have the option for either.


Yeah but you don’t like anyone or anything :grinning:


I reckon he’ll struggle to get a look in with devon , fantasia, tippa, stringer, colyer, all going through the small forward/midfield/winger roles.


Josh was prominent in some of our most memorable victories. If we can break the habit of kicking it on top of his head and if he can build his fitness to that next level, he’ll feature even more in the starting line-up.


Time will tell.

He has talent and is prepared to work for a spot so that’s all I can ask.

He’s a pretty easy target for some, but I actually think he’s a smart player.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he plays 20 games next year.


I reckon there is a different mix of roles there - nonetheless it means we have some very good depth in our list. Good to cover form and injuries. Will put pressure on this group to earn and keep a spot.


i’m happy. He was handy gathering crumbs. Just hoping for a bit more accuracy.


I really rate Green and reckon his injury, along with some others, that really derailed the season. I’m not sure he holds his spot if we are all fit next year… but that isn’t devaluing him… just looking at the embarrassment of riches we may have available.

The key, imho, is whether stringer and smith really do take the leap into midfielders. If both of them hold down a steady gig in the middle then Green probably still fits up front… if both of them don’t really cut it in the middle then both would probably get a spot in the forwardline line ahead of green.

We are going to have so much flexibility that it will be hard to nail down our best 22 into well into the season I think. Very glad we extended his contract… I like what he brings to the forwardline.


Geez Essendon supporters overrate their players like no else. If he’s as great as everyone claims, he wouldn’t have been delisted by Brisbane, and he wouldn’t be getting 1 year deals. I for one like him and think he’s a handy player. Very good at times, but bog average at times too

He’s limited, but he’s good at what he does and I’m happy he’s signed on but let’s stop the circlejerk like he’s a AA forward pocket. He’ll be borderline best 22 next year imo and a 1 year contract indicates where he is at and is a pretty accurate reflection.


Deserved an extension purely for that tackle on Mitchell