#15 Josh Green - delisted


No idea why we persist with this potatoe.
He is slow, weak and prone to injury.

Playing guys like him will help us go allying way to a 15 straight season without a finals win.

Understand he’s coming off an injury and today was just a practice match, but he offers us nothing. I have no idea what we see in him.


We were smashed in the game and a small fwd whose position is the hardest on ground to impact if no ball coming in people want to have a crack at!

Easy fkn target.

It all starts and ends with the midfield


Probably not the night to single any player out.


I agree. Though at some points, I think he got caught out ball watching.

But it was not a good game for anyone really.


One of Eight to go at the end of 2018


Who are the other 7?


I thought he put in effort and was generally clean with disposal.

But hard to play well when the midfield and defence can’t get the ball past the centre square.

I like the Corgi, genuine goal sneak.


Smack, Merrett, Long, Brown, McNiece, retire Bags, Goddard


Bit harsh.

The Superdraft would want to be very deep.


Brown is in our best 22


retire goodard and brown in best 22.

blitz at its blitziest.


What position ahead of who


I’m not a fan. Doesn’t get to enough dangerous spots, can’t go through the middle and doesn’t kick enough goals. He’s way too one dimensional, and he’s okay at best at the role he plays


Tell me who you guys have as your 3 key backs

& …???

  • Don’t say Hooker he ain’t playing there.
  • right now he is way ahead of Hartley


Small forward goal sneak who fitted in well with Tippa and Fanta last year coming off limited preparation. An unfashionable looking player who has had some injury issues to overcome. Not my fave player by a long shot, but while he continues to kick goals, he continues to tick boxes.


I would rather we make big calls on blokes who can’t and won’t make the team rather than kicking blokes who do.


He kicked 5 goals in 8 games to finish the season, and in total 17 goals from 17 games last year. He doesn’t kick enough goals

But apparently we look better with him in the side


Hooker will play in back half if needed.


All that game would have told you about Green is that he’s the little redhead in 15.


I miss the Hurley+Hooker combo it was clunk city.