150th Anniversary Premiership Captains function

Anyone at this function?

Come and say hi and have a beer with me. I’m at the bar and wearing Speed Kills guernsey with 24 on the back.


I’m working. Have a few for me.

Windy Dill is Joe Misiti: confirmed.

Get around him.

I believe he is fond of 2 rucks in a team and Adrian Dodoro.

PM mendoza heard they went


Great photo!

Is that Leisure Suit Larry?


Good night @Windy_Dill ?

How did the night go?

Yeah it was a good night. Was supposed to be the last three Premierships captains, but TD didn’t show and Simon Madden came in his place.

Bomber and Hirdy touched on the saga. Nothing too controversial was said. Simon Madden reckons we over performed last year and fans need to be patient.

Had quite a few beers. Met a few keen Bomber fans. One guy had come from WA just for this event!


Was it @westozziebomber ?

Any WA bombers going to the event at empire bar next thursday. Fletch and Sheeds just been announced, alongside graham moss, mark harvey, gary o’donnell, david myers, nick kommer and BIG HOOKSY.
Would love to share a few froths

What a great night that would be!

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Not only that but the misso managed to get me in the cheer squad for the first time for the game the following night and I get to hold the banner as the boys run out. I’m so ■■■■■■■ excited.


Havent played that game in decades