#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Not sure about that though I am not sure which ones won’t make it.
Perhaps Guelfi plays in a spot here and another Mid rotates from half back / mid.

Also Smith plays in the midfield 90% of time. He is just too good not to have him in the guts. He might occasionally start forward and run to mid field, swapping with Stringer who runs back to fwd line after centre bounce.

Myers is ahead of Parish imo. His clearance work is underrated, and his kicking is going to be very important this year with the rule changes


And IMO his performances weren’t really warranting an ongoing selection. Really struggled to find the ball.


They are just positions on a chart though.
One half fwd flank generally plays mid all game. And at least one of stringer, walla and fantasia will be in the midfield at any given time.

As would 1 of McKenna, Ridley or Redman most likely. There are around 10 mids at any one time in the modern game.

What would be an absolute disaster would be Gleeson, Ridley and Redman all out of the team. It ain’t happening. That is the quickest way to turn a list mgmt strength into a big fkn hole real quickly when they all ask for a trade.

We need to get 40+ games out of those guys this year at least.


Like your ideas L2L but I’m not sure about having all of them in the side at once.

For me Ambrose can be bog average. Gleeson despite his previous heroics could be fragile and Ridley well who knows. I wouldn’t play any of these guys through the middle. Maybe Redman but let’s just get him on the park first.

Ambrose could be a shut down tager ln the Crips, Dusty, Oliver’s. But otherwise I don’t think he can play in the middle either. Perhaps I could handle Ambrose playing a pure defensive job on someone… mmm I like that idea actually.

Woosha if your reading this. Why not considering giving rAmbrose a shut down role on the bigger guys?
Yep let’s do it, I like it👍🏽


Ambrose would get completely butchered if he was told to play a shut down role on any of those players.


Or play Guelfi as a 7th defender


R1 - 11 disposals 1 goal 2 behinds.
R2 - 12 disposals 2 goals 1 behind.
R3 - 13 disposals no score
R4 - 9 disposals no score
R5 - done his knee

For a 19 year old playing forward and playing his role I think he did well, considering we were a ‘dysfunctional’ team so some would have said.


He might possibly be our best kick into 50. Weights it to the lead beautifully.


Yep, he’s all class.

Will make a very good mid.

Hopefully he does half the season as a mid in the VFL.


Why? I am tipping Laverde to take the last spot in the forward line even though we already have Stringer and Langford (same size, can play mid and forward) but I wouldn’t be surprised if Baguley is named in round 1. He is a year older, sure, but he is a hustler and he performed very well last year, no reason why he can’t repeat it.

EDIT: just read your post to MBS. I don’t think Redman and Gleeson will be ready for round 1, that is why I can see Bags being named with Guelfi as the 7th defender/utility.


Yes but he wasn’t coming back from an ACL at the start of last year.


What’s the difference if he is back to full training now? Yes coming back from an acl, but hes done all the required strengthening and stability to get him back to full training. If hes putting his hand up for selection which I know he will be, then theres no reason to not pick him, especially if hes passed all of his tests.


So long as Baguley is fit he would have the credits in bank from last year over Begley.

That said IMO not sure either will get in if we want to fit all the mids expected to in the side


The difference is, this time last year he’d come through the pre-season uninterrupted having had a full year of football.

This year he has been off his feet for the best part of the year and had what would be called an interrupted pre-season (or late to start pre-season). Yes, he looks to be tracking very well with his recovery, but I reckon he is still being ‘managed’ at this stage and I think that this management will continue for a bit yet.

Most players coming back from an ACL would have a game (or 2) in the VFL before playing in the seniors. Given that he is young and borderline best 22 I think he is definitely the type of player that the coaches would want to see have a few games under his belt before a seniors return.

Having said that, it is quite possible that he is right to go and a game (or 2) in the JLT series serves as his test run(s).


Has he ever demonstrated ball winning ability at any level of footy? I’d be happy to see him develop into a handy forward whose possession are impactful.


He started his tac year playing forward and kicking Bags about a third of the way through the year he played midfield and showed lots of potential.

He was still very much overweight at that stage and didn’t have the same agility or speed he has now but apparently acquitted himself very well against the bigger named mids to come from that draft year.

I watched lots of him in his first year in the VFL and although he played a similar role to what he’s playing now he showed all the instincts of somebody who plays midfield.

He’s very clean below his knees, reads the fall of the ball very well and is very smooth exiting the area.

I was very surprised we never gave him a go in midfield on a regular basis but then he went up to the seniors.

I’m a huge wrap for him and I have a terrible feeling if he can’t get a crack in midfield with us somebody will come knocking.


Pretty sure he was running by the start of pre-season. He’d be as fit as he would have been if he had no injury at the start of pre-season. He just probably won’t have great touch because he hasn’t done much of the match simulation.
Playing 2 JLT games could replace the need for coming back via the VFL.

I’d personally prefer him to play midfield in the VFL for a while to show what he’s got in midfield.
But if the coaches want him in the forward line in the 1’s, there seems little reason why he wouldn’t go straight in.


He was running in September


My only question mark over Begs role in the seniors is who does he replace.

I like what Bags brings and I don’t think Begs can do that.

I think he would have Laverde covered though so that would be my preference.

But like you I would prefer him play midfield at VFL level.


:+1:t4:I see the same thing as you do Killer.
I also think his upside is much greater than Lav and irrespective of the ACL comeback, I have them on level pegging.
I’m hoping he can start the way he did last year against the Crows, anyone remember that match winning goal?