#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley



Who is he replacing?

Even if our bench mids (assuming 7th def as 4th player) were Langford, Myers and Parish he wouldn’t get past them. Just going to have to bide his time and wait for opportunity.

Development as a midfielder isn’t going to happen in 5 games.

Begley being overhyped by many IMO.


Pretty sure he’s joking.


Begley being overhyped by many IMO.

but we can only hope he becomes a star!!


Dodoro picked him with the intention of him becoming a mid.

Is Dodoro hyping him?


I could see him being better than all of them.

It’s a lot more than 5 games down the track, but I don’t see it as a stretch at all.


Dodoro picks everyone with the intention of them becoming a mid.


dodoro and flankers, name a more iconic duo.


Gotta agree with this. Bit steamy in here!


He’s going to be a gun and you will like it!


Sure, but this not only Dodoro.

All the recruiting bosses, pick the vast majority of their small and mid size players with the view that they can eventually contribute to midfield.


In our case even tall players.

Ridley and Francis spring to mind.


There is no doubting he has some strong footballing attributes.

But he’s barely played half a season in juniors in midfield, and zilch for us in VFL as yet so people thinking he’s the 2nd coming of Dane Swan and going to be an insta midfield star for us are getting way ahead of themselves IMO

Here’s hoping he does become a star for us however and another inspired pick from Disco


It’s almost as if they recognise that teenagers are undeveloped and could end up being any number of things. Imagine if people pigeon holed kids in other aspects of life the way they do with their football


I guess I’d always assumed this was always just a Blitz joke but do people actually think we’d be better off if we only got completely one-dimensional players?

Especially given the top kids all know that they need to show off their versatility from U18s or even younger.


Yep, don’t understand it myself.

A lot thought I was wrong in my assessment that Langers could make the transition into midfield. It appears a lot are starting to shift their opinions on that.

I see a very good midfielder in Begley also, even though there is little exposed form.

Time will tell I guess.


Imagine how good we’d be if we stopped taking mid/forwards like Zerrett, and mid/HBFs like Hepp??


I think people confuse one dimensional with specialist


Might even be a dead-end for them.
So to speak… :wink:




He also has an understanding of development and time.


What is that supposed to mean?