#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


He thinks Dodoro should be the next Doctor Who.


Everybody chill on the Begley midfield thing for a moment. Can’t he be a great mid sized forward for a while. I love his work in that part of the ground. He could aspire to be like Stringer in his early career and evolve from there.


I can’t see some posts in bomberblitz having any impact on Begley playing midfield or not.

But if it upsets you we can stop.


Good. That’ll give you more time to discuss other great ideas like turning Bellchambers into a small pressure forward.


I had considered that also😊


I’d prefer Belly became a small forward who applied a large amount of pressure.


Let’s remember the deft Timmy Watson jump over the fallen player, the simple as you like soft 20 metre dart to set up a goal, other players have barely moved.

Watching him in the vfl he has that hocking / jj esque bull at the ball mentality in contests, just barges through, with that beautiful right foot could surprise us this year, excited to see him get some games.


This is what i think about when i think of Begley. He’s going to be a great player.


While I’ll give you the honour of being the card carrying flag wielding leader of the Langford swooning club… There are also others who were big supporters of THE Langford as a midfielder 3-4 years ago.

Certainly anyone who watched VFL in 2017 was convinced at least by then.


Yeah, I know there is a few of us.

It’s just that mine is an affair of the heart😊


To me you are a latecomer.
Strident, but not at the front of the bandwagon.

Your passion is however noted, and not at all misplaced.


Not really concerned with what you think.

Only joined here in 2017 and didn’t really start contributing until after that.

But you do know it all so I’m sure you know what I was thinking prior to that.


Oh dear, I stood on a tender spot.
So sorry.

But I’m glad you joined grumpy.
Passion is a good thing.


A slick half forward flanker i reckon


That was me, not him. Still don’t think he will be as great as you think, but i will be delighted to be wrong.



He was touted as being a midfielder in his second preseason. During pre season training of 2015/6 he was hyped hugely as being Watson like with his hands.

But nah you sure did stick your neck out…


I suggest you get reacquainted with the Langford thread.




I don’t blame you.


This guy has dropped off the radar.
I hope he makes an appearance mid year. If he isn’t playing in the first 22 I hope he is playing in the guts with cameos across half forward.

I want a fitter hungry beast Begley to take his game to the next level.
Would like him to stat up with 25+ ave possessions & with very high efficiency.