#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Begley and Stringer rotaing mid/fwd.


Dr Sam Edmund, he was called fridge before being drafted.

Do your research.


Most clubs would have a bunch of youngsters they’d be pinning their hopes on to develop. Hopefully ours do.
The good news for us is the potential improvement in blokes who are already in the best 22 like Parish and McGrath.
We probably only need a couple of Langford, Laverne, Begley, Mutch and Clarke to come on and we’ll be in really good shape


No he wasn’t.


watch the unveiling at the AGM last year, its something like ‘i hear you were called fridge, can you elaborate?’

‘yeah i weighed 100 kilos.’


This bloke will be better than Parish


Most 2018 best 22 done on this site don’t have him in the side, I think we are maybe underestimating his rise. He is now midfield fit, he has broken into the 22 as a HFF.

We could see a real emergence next year.




Do l hear any advance on 105?
Going once, going twice…


I agree.

He will be a different type to what we have I think.

I think he will end up better than all the young mids bar Merrett and maybe McGrath. He looks the goods to me.


Wow, if you’re both proven correct, that’s some midfield we’re gonna have coz I have great expectations for Parish. If Begley can match him, along with all the other potential young guns buzzing around in there, feeding that star-studded fwd line, we’re in for an exhilarating ride over the next 5-10 years.
Lots of ifs at the moment, but it’s mouth-watering.




Think this guy has gone under the radar somewhat. His finish to the season was really strong & understated IMO. Although he played mainly forward, he showed a real nose for finding the ball in close and is really clean handling it. He played a bit as a mid late in his time at Ranges after building his fitness from a LONG way behind the rest of the squad. Begley has a massive future & should be persisted with in the senior team IMO, should really be played in Myers’ place in 2018.


A guy who keeps exceeding expectations. A good knack to have
Has huge potential. I’m more excited about what he could become than just about anyone else on the list.


Agree HAP yet he’s not featuring in the “experts” best 22 but Langford & Laverde are? I can’t work that out given he was ahead of them both at the end of 2017. Given he’s having a great pre season by all reports, he could be our big improver in 2018 and instantly make us a better side IMO.


I hope they give Langford a good run given they’ve put a few years into an apprenticeship for him. Developing a midfield has to be priority 1 this year, and There’s plenty of room for both.


Begley = a second stringer.


Yep. He’s in my best 22 ahead of those two. Kicked a couple of goals in the final too in what we know was a bleak day where we didn’t score much.


It really depends for me what role they see for him this year.
If it’s a pure midfield i’d still have Myers and Langford ahead of him, unless Begley is really jumping out of the ground in preseason.
If it’s as a ‘small’ forward with stints rotating through midfield he’d definitely be ahead of those guys and Lav imo.

A lot might depend on the structure of the forward line as well. It worked best last year when we had Fanta, Tippa and Green. If they want to continue with a structure like that, he’s potentially an upgrade on green because of his ability to rotate through midfield.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if he spends a fair bit of time in the 2’s playing a lot more midfield than 2017


I’m not sure he has too. He does have a few in front of him, but he just “has it”. His first quarter of AFL was unbelievable, 2 goals and 2 goal assists. All driven off the fact he knows where to be and where to deliver it too. Guys that can read the game that well don’t need to develop in the VFL.