#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Where are people getting the ‘Begley full time midfielder’ thing from?

I think the number one skill that a midfielder can have at any level is the ability to find a lot of the ball, that’s 25+ touches per game. Don’t quote me on the stats but didn’t he only average 16 touches or so in the TAC Cup as midfielder? For me it’s just not enough. Has he ever shown that he can rack up the footy?

Yes I’m sure he can play stints in the guts but to me he looks more like a 60/40 forward/mid kind of player. Not the type to hang our big midfield hopes on.


He’s played 3 games. I like the boy, but lets calm down on the big statements.

Laverde was injured all year and lacked touch on his return. As for Langford, if they weren’t focused on turning him into an inside mid he could have gotten games as a forward ahead of either.


My post is about going forward and building a premiership team - We know what JD and Zac can do and there’s still a bit more improvement to come - Get Begley and Francis up to speed and they fill key deficiencies.


From what I can tell he played at least a third of the season forward in his TAC year before going into the midfield. So 16 touches may not be a fair assessment.

From what I have seen at VFL level I think he has all the attributes of s top class midfielder. One of the first things I noticeced about him was that he hunts the ball and is always on the move around contested situations.

He was also one touch below his knees and had great movement through traffic.

Question marks are still over his production for mine as well because he hasn’t been given the opportunity but believe that won’t be an issue either.


Except he can’t handball…or haven’t you noticed


I think using stats to make your point and saying “don’t quote me on the stats” at the same time is a neat trick. Regardless, you’re right enough. Averaged 17. Although as far as I can tell Laverde averaged 14 and Langford averaged 12, so hopefully it doesn’t mean much.
Edit: pffffft, that’s their 2013 stats. I shouldn’t do things in the morning.


hannebery wishes he had a chin that pointy


If he gets the ball 16 times, that’s 16 shots at goal for us.


Anyone who kicks that well, either at goal or to where a teammate is going to be when the ball arrives, has a future. Got to be in the mix.


He’s definitely got a big future, but not sure about his midfield credentials. He is yet to find much of the ball at any level of footy. His kicking is sublime. Text book perfect.


Myers may win the VFL stats (small sample) with a big margin to Langford and then another big margin to Begley, but his kicking is the worst of the three and he’s the least flexible position-wise.


Not all great on-ballers were big accumulators early days. Mundy, Bontempelli, Dangerfield even Fyfe ( or for that matter -Hird) developed this as their careers progressed. Mark McVeigh, although in no way comparable to the players I have mentioned was another who developed into 30+ possession ball-magnet in his prime which was a contrast to his days as a smaller defender\forward with nice footskills.

Please note: I am NOT inviting direct comparisons in quality of Begley with these guys - simply asserting that not all midfielders rack them up like Selwood, Hayes, Zerrett etc during their under-age and early AFL career.


Very good post, although it’s so obvious it shouldn’t need to be said. Stats don’t always directly measure impact, much less quality. Keep in mind the top 3 of last year’s Brownlow was 2 guys who started as forwards and guy who took 3 years and 2 clubs to get a regular game.


Also keep in mind Begley should have had a goal and 2 assists in his first 3 touches at AFL footy. Stick him in the guts and if he replicates that with only 8 touches a game IDGAF.


I thought he did have 2 goals and 2 goal assists with his first four touches.


If only Myers could dominate as a mid at AFL level the way he dominated in the VFL in the middle of last season.


First kick was a goal, then lace out to Joe Dan, then from memory his third hit Stewart on his trampoline chest.


Actually you’re right. Goal, 2 assists to Stewart, should have had a third.


Whats the point training with Ambrose if you have to Handicap Ambrose?


First time poster here long time reader !

I love this kid and agree with many on here.
He has great potential to be a gun mid. Very clean one touch brutal natural footballer with bone crunching size and strength. His skills and reading of the game make him a genuine weapon. Opposition coaches will know his name by seasons end.

At this stage I think fwd/ mid 60/40 should be his go. Very few weaknesses that I can see with him.

Agree with others that he hasn’t played heaps in the middle over time but when he does he is a very efficient ball user with brute strength and incredible power. Plus with kicking is that good we gain so much by playing him across half fwd anyway.

He is a guy that will be very hard to match up on, he is reliable disciplined and one of the most natural kicks in the team.

I can see him exploding this year on occasions. Not all the time, but from time to time he will brutally rip the footy out of the centre and more fancied opposition mids hands and precisely deliver it to the fwds to advantage. I have seen him do it at Tac & VFL without fuss.

His fitness levels are very good however for someone of his size they are exceptional and only getting better.

If he plays the 15 + games by the season end - I expect him to kick 20+ goals and switch with Stringer in the middle, these two together will be very hard to stop!

Must lock this kid away with a 3 + yr deal before the end of June or who knows what will happen.

This kid has a lot of talent but most importantly he is a damn hard worker. It’s hard work that wins premierships.

He is literally possessed to be an AFL player and he just wants to be in the team. A little birdy told me he has been seen running around the hills in the heat & smashing it out at the gym over Christmas whilst others got stuck into the beers & puding ( me ).

Personally have him ahead of the more fancied Laverde / Francis / Langford. Just my two cents…