#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Not sure I’ll believe much of this til I see it but keep posting, did wonders for the lid off!


Welcome to Blitz Mr. Begley :grinning:


Thanks mate, feel at home round here.
Just enough space for my legs :wink:



Yep. Huge talent. Play him round 1


Lock him in Woosha


I nearly choked when I saw the scoreline against Sydney. I’d blocked out how bad that was.



I only have one memory of that final. Joeys mark and goal early. Everything else has been blocked out! Too painful


The overhead mark with May on his hammer was impressive.


His kicking action just looks so good.


Would love this guy to become the intight mid. Should be working on the telephone booth type drills; soft hands, twinkle toes, ride the bumps and tackles


Can the Fridge become an accumulator?


The Coolroom?


*will play round 1

*may not be true but I’d love to see him get a gig


If I recall his draft highlights video correctly, I was impressed by his goal kicking. Has that Lockett/Dunstall like stability about him when he kicks.


I think the word you’re looking for, is ‘portly’.


When applied to my good self, I prefer stocky, or robust.


Dangerous over a short distance


Better than Langford