#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Geez I couldn’t disagree more with some of the above comments. He might not be getting a hell of a lot of it but nearly every time he touches it I think to myself “how good was that”

I reckon he’s got talent to burn and I want us to keep pumping games into him. I dont think he’s doing much wrong at all, I like what I see


I agree, i think hes doing fine. I want more onus on the experienced players, they should be doing more, if not we broom them and get the young blood in. (as a general rule, not particular to this game)


Agree, but he just needs to do more of it


The guy sitting behind me said the exact same thing.

Was awesome.



Looked like a man today.

Is really good at freeing his hands to get a quick dish off to a teammate.


I can’t help but think this every time i see him play


He’s a perfect bench player at present for mine, impacts when required, minimal mistakes & plays his role.

Would probably have capacity to step up further when required if starting 18 players i.e. Raz is out injured, i.e. Rd 1 v Adelaide.


Michael Tuck played 100 reserves games before playing his 427 AFL games.


In the 70’s and 80’s.
Completely different game now. The VFL does more harm than good now IMO.


He didn’t get much of the ball. I think today was his best game with regard to 'getting in amongst it". Used his size to bash and crash.



I hope you are wrong about that.

We have some very promising players playing in the VFL.


These days, if you play 100 games in the VFL, you will never get a game in the AFL.


God, you’d have to play for a non aligned team too I rekon, to be any chance whatsoever of chalking up 100 VFL games (or have Langford for a surname bahaha)


100% this guy will be Stringer-like. Have absolutely loved his season so far. Super fit. Combative. And he’s so young. Anyone thinking Langford is even close to Begley in terms of performance must have never played or watched a game of footy in his life. This is the kind of player you invest games in. Langford after 30+ laconic games is not.


I can’t think of too many good players who have spent more than a two to three years playing VFL before playing AFL. If you have a guy on your list for 4 or more years and they haven’t cracked an AFL game I’d say their chances of ending up as a real quality player is pretty slim.


Hes going to tear games apart soon. Contributes and shows massive urgency in the contest even when hes not high on the stat sheet.


Yeah, 2 or 3 years is too much.

I like Woosha but the one issue I have with him is him not giving kids enough opportunity.


At the moment he does the basics well. He shepherds and blocks but also doesn’t let the ball get past him, always keeps it in front. Would rather him develop in the seniors than the 2s, good that he is getting games into him now, will get better.


He just needs to find space more.

His biggest weapon is his sublime kicking and it’s not being used at the moment. We need to find a way to get him the footy more as he is so damaging with his disposal.