#16 “OMG it’s Archie” Perkins

At times he does yeah, but Perkins has played the big body stopper most predominantly out of anyone. And when he does he stands completely negative side of the clearance almost all of the time.

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Funny, I watched the game and thought Tsatas was the clear best on followed by Roberts.
Also funny because someone suggested Roberts was terrible despite his stat line this week in another thread.
We all see things differently thats for sure.


I guess Caddy’s spot is at risk then


I thought that was Hobbs not Roberts most gave praise.

Nah there was one comment in particular saying that despite his stats he butchered the ball and panicked with it.
Cant remember who it was but yeah, just shows we all see things differently.

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I thought all of Tsatas, Setterfield, Bryan and Roberts could have been BOG. I’m staggered that someone rated Hoare higher than those three, someone rated Tsatas fourth best, and someone didn’t give Setterfield a vote.

Perkins was injured and didn’t play against the doggies. Maybe if he was available, he would have been given the job on Bont


Yes I think this is part of his role

Roberts is a much better like for like than Hobbs

Can we get some “Better Nate than Lever” signs going in the crowd?


Just watched the replay for the third time. Archie is pretty good. Couple of mistakes. Loose on crisp early. But he presents so well. And marks a lot of them. Persist.


Who are the imbeciles that continue to defend this guy?


Who broke Archie Perkins?

Will never be a good AFL player until he finds some intensity.


The invisible man. Should have been playing VFL a month ago.


Draft an absolute bust for us with Cox and Perkins and most likely Reid.

This guy should have been booted to twos two weeks ago.

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Archie is a bust I’ve seen enough. Weak no second efforts and looks like he’s staring at seagulls …….wasted draft pick


Needs a spell in the VFL. I’d bring back setters for him.


Damn right, plus he has zero defensive effort.

Looks like he’s happy just to be an AFL footballer. Doubtful that he will ever amount to more than a C grader

Clearly down on confidence and form. He’s been given long enough to turn it around. Selection merit is important and there really isn’t the same excuse as last year where we literally had no depth to replace the out of form player.

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