#19 Nick Hind

Hind has some weapons and isn’t as bad defensively as some are saying. He was down in 2022, but I think this was a form of second year blues. Obviously not being his second year, but teams put a lot more work into him given he was a weapon for us in 2021. I was pleased in that I did think he got better as the year went on. His biggest issue is he’s already 28 so he’s not a long-term option for the club.

He’s clearly fighting with Mass for the bench spot allocated to defenders (the 7th spot). I’d absolutely be prioritising Mass over Hind, due to Hind’s age. But the reality is one injury to any of McGrath/Kelly/Redman/Mass and he’s a certain starter.

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I would have Kelly as depth before Hind which are both the same age btw, obviously they are two totally different players but I think Hind gives more benefit to the team than Kelly.

Kelly can be indecisive which stifles our rebound out of the back half, Nick is the rebound, Mcgrath or Laverde can cover what Kelly brings to the table.

*Mass is a lock for the 22 imo.


Well, someone needs to be now Ham has gone…

That would be 1 time over the journey he was in our top 3 runners.
He is horrific and impacts our rotations. He ihas the most breaks and extended breaks per rotation at the club.

I suspect this line is going to be either proven or completely disproven by statistics in coming posts


Thats average distance per game over the whole of 2021. Hes been on the list for 2 seasons. There was no article posting these stats in 2022.

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Good stat that one in 2021. Perhaps the distance covered per rotation is high but I recall reading a stat that Hind is our most heavily rotated player and one of our lowest in average in total on ground playing %.
. As I mentioned in other post, he always trials his opponent into our defensive half or he gets stuck between shutting down space and rarely impacting the play, teams create the overlap due to this weakness of his of being out of position or too slow to transition into a defensive mindset.

His 2022 TOG% was 78 as far as I can see (which includes a game where he only had 27%). Not super high but not that low either.

Similar to Perkins, Redman, Durham and Guelfi. More than a few, less than a few.

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Also his TOG% was a fair bit better in 2021 so he could have the capacity to spend more time on ground but hes just being benched to keep other players on the ground longer.

I thought his 2022 was low 70s I am mistaken.

Hind is a good depth player but I don’t want him in our 22.

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Kelly is one of only two medium/small defenders we have who can lock down an opponent. I don’t think he’s leaving the best 22 anytime soon.


I think 2023 will be a career defining season for Nick.

In 2021, he had something to prove, and gave everything to prove it.
2022 was a [email protected] for so many reasons, not the least of which was probably him getting a bit ahead of himself and lack of good coaching and game plan that needed to bring him back to ground and get him locked into a way to play, when to go , where to position himself and to know when it is best to do what, using his natural talent and not stifling his creativity.

Big Ask, but maybe BDB’s Coaching setup can better support him and get the best out of him.

From my observation he doesn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, and is prone to do some pretty seriously dumb stuff at really inopportune times.

He is one of those guys that need strong support and guidance and if he gets it, and if he realises that he needs to prove himself all over again, he could still be a very useful asset.