1986 season highlights video

in season 1986, there was a company called ProFootball - they were the forerunners to name a game/sports delivered. So, in season 1986, Profootball released every single home and away game, for all 22 rounds, on vhs, and if a game was not covered by ch 2 or ch 7, then Profootball would have a couple of people do commentary.

At the conclusion of season 1986, Profootball then released 5 videos, a 3 hour highlights video for each of the seasons 5 finalists, Hawthorn, Carlton, Fitzroy, Sydney and Essendon. I am trying to track down a copy of the Essendon tape. It cant be obtained anywhere now, name a game/sports delivered know nothing about these tapes.

Would anyone on here have this video stashed away somewhere that they could let me borrow so i can copy it?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

thank you

Lots of lowlights in '86.


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Lots of lowlights in '86.


Agree… apart from smashing
both that year’s Grand Finalists in consecutive weeks at Windy Hill by 10+ goals.

Long term injuries galore to key players in the first half of the year ruined the season.

They did well to recover and make the finals and have both Fark Carlton and Hawthorn looking over their shoulders heading into that year’s
Finals Series…until they ran into our bogy team
of the eighties, Fitzroy and Micky Conlon in the Elimination Final at Waverley.

Had we got past that game we would’ve given the three-peat a huge shake.