2 Andrew Stephens 16 Brendan Hosking 25 Shaun Ryan and making sense of their destruction


Hahahaha wow…I don’t know what to say.
Woe is me?

Maybe the AFL realised that they couldn’t defend that garbage

Spoke to a friend whose son is an umpire and and their biggest gripe is It’s too complicated and needs to be simplified


If the umps genuinely believe they did a good job on ANZAC day, then the game is more ■■■■■■ than I though. I have almost lost all hope for it.


Well the umps would have won a few friends if Ryan had come out and just ate a bit of humble pie. Instead he embarrassed himself by saying Hoskin Elliot got a handball off and tippa lifted his arm to force the contact high and Pendlebury didn’t duck.


Every part of the AFL industry cop critism. Every single part. But the Umpires believe they are sacred territory. Untouchable.

any organisation that does not allow feedback or constructive critism, or are not held to account… then they are corrupt.


Ryan can go to sleep with a toaster in the bath



Is this true?


McClure also mentioned senior AFL people actually disagreed with the umpires department about some of the decisions they claimed were correct. They just couldn’t see how they weren’t paid.


So every decision bar the Bags one went against us


If we want to get technical, it should have been paid for contact above the shoulders and not holding.


That gives me zero faith in the umpires dept but it gives me the faintest glimmer of hope that the AFL hasn’t drunk their own cool-aid and become entirely deluded. Hopefully, the abysmal standard of umpiring will trigger some major reforms. C7 may start putting pressure on behind the scenes too, I’ve never heard the commentators call out the umpiring as much as I have this year.

Judd being on FCFCs board would have to play the straight bat, they can’t afford to attract the ire of the daffodil mafia


Wow. AFL actually (quietly) supportive of Essendon. The umps chose the biggest game of the home and away season to stuff up. With the massive tv audience and commentators openly criticising, the AFL probably realised they’d look stupid if they backed the umpires. It’s all about the optics.


Thinks he is a standup comedian with a dry sense of humour but he isn’t funny


It’s worse than that.

Substitute for “AFL industry” “Australian society”.

Of course all our pollies are criticised severely and relentlessly. But over the last couple of decades we have seen formerly respected and even sacrosanct jobs come under intense criticism. Bankers are all too obvious. Church leaders too. Under the Howard Libs we even had both snide and explicit criticism of High Court judges, and even a Governor General who was hounded out of office.

So against this backdrop, the AFL expects the only people in the country who should never be questioned, let alone criticised, are its maggots.

And when they are RIGHTFULLY CRITICIZED FOR AN ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT PERFORMANCE, what do the little darlings do? Whinge and moan to the boss, then whinge and moan to the media.

How about doing what everyone else in the country has to do? If you want to earn respect, first do an honest and competent job.


LOL - nice one!


Yeah that’s where the ump stuffed up. They were both wrestling and then Langdon got him high. If he called that there’s no debate.


Herald Sun this morning published a public poll they took of the 5 contentious decisions.

The public voted in our favour on all five:
1274-638 on the Stephenson free kick.
1583-629 on the Tippa free kick.
1201-1417 against Pendelbury getting the high fee kick
1554-647 on the Crisp free kick
1589-802 on the Hoskin-Elliott free kick

Pretty damning on Stuart Ryan’s “media blitz”.

Those decisions get paid correctly - like everyone predominantly thought - and we win the game by a couple of games.

I reckon the AFL is internally conflicted. AFL umpiring exec’s know they were all paid wrongly, all favouring one team, but the umpires are in denial.


I’m ■■■■■■■ loving how Ryan is coming off on this now it’s been exposed he put himself up without the backing of the AFL. Whining ■■■■.
You muppets ■■■■■■ up. Everyone knows you ■■■■■■. No amount of fluid technicality in the rules is hiding you from the spotlight that’s been shone.
Don’t get bitter, get better.

Warren Tredrea: Is it time to blow the siren on part-time umpires?

Warren Tredrea, The Advertiser

April 29, 2019 4:30pm

We are witnessing the worst standard of AFL umpiring in a long time. Footy fans have had enough and they deserve better.

Umpires are making too many mistakes, and unfortunately for them, it’s not all their own fault.

While many are happy to bash umpires at every opportunity, I’m not. Too often they’re the easy scapegoats for fans looking to point blame for their club’s on-field woes.

But right now, I’m struggling to find someone who can tell me what constitutes holding the ball, incorrect disposal or even what is deemed prior opportunity?

Players regularly take on the tackler and when they’re caught they simply drop the ball. But as long as they’re seen as attempting to dispose of the ball, albeit incorrectly, it seems OK.

And while the umpire’s decisions are the reason for sending the fans mad, the issues go far deeper than that.

I’m a believer that the umpires are on a hiding to nothing and have been set up to fail.

The 2019 off-season has been one like no other, with new rules and interpretations all introduced so our games can become higher scoring and look better.

And while I love that we have more one-on-one battles inside 50 from the new 6-6-6 starting positions, scoring has fallen off a cliff.

Why is it the bosses at AFL House feel they need to constantly tinker with the game, when there is nothing to fix in the first place?

Football always evolves and finds a way to prosper.

You don’t see soccer and basketball changing their rules and interpretations every year, so why do we?

The change is hurting our game more than rolling mauls, too many stoppages and negative tactics — not to mention making it almost impossible for our umpires to do their job.

Four-time Hawthorn premiership coach Alastair Clarkson had his say on the umpiring issues at the weekend and bemoaned[ the lack of full-time professional umpires in our game].

“I think it’s a part of the game that everything else has gone professional, and it’s an area of the game where I think we’re probably lagging behind (other sports),” Clarkson said.

He’s right. In a game that turns over approximately $880 million dollars and pays its executive team $10.73 million per annum, how is it that we don’t have full-time umpires?

Presently umpires earn a base salary of approximately $65,000 per annum with the most successful umpires taking home approximately $150,000 — a good wedge for part-time work.

While many umpires combine their umpiring duties with outside full-time work, it’s easy to see why no-one has agitated for extra support to go full-time.

I feel it’s an indictment on our game that our adjudicators are only doing it part-time.

AFL footy boss Steve Hocking revealed recently it is “■■■■■■ tough to get people to sign up to be an umpire”. He’s right.

Maybe it’s worth considering giving the umpiring department a huge cash injection so they can become full-time professionals like our players and administrators are. This alone could open the door to more people signing up.

While also providing the umpires with more opportunities to practise their craft under pressure at club training sessions, promoting umpiring in schools, taking clinics and also promoting becoming an AFL umpire as a positive and lucrative career path.

I agree with Hocking that umpires “do an unbelievable job” — even though they have to work in a constantly moving and changing set of rule and interpretations.

However, we have a serious problem when [Anzac Day umpire Shaun Ryan had to front the media to discuss the five final quarter controversial decisions ] from Thursday’s clash.

He claimed every decision was correct, even though all 36 players on the ground stopped to a halt, expecting a holding-the-ball decision to be made against Collingwood’s Jack Crisp.

Right now, we’re witnessing a poor standard of umpiring that needs to be fixed.

Football is full of grey areas that are open to interpretation, but I feel if we keep changing the rules and continue to tinker with our game, how can we expect our part-time umpires to get it right?

So instead focusing all your frustration on the adjudicators on the field, we should putting the acid on the powers at AFL House and asking why it is in 2019, we still persist by making regular changes to our game’s rules and interpretations?

And how can we expect our umpires to work effectively in a constantly changing landscape, while only working part-time?

Let’s right some wrongs and give them a chance.


So Caro claims the umpires feel let down by the AFL’s failure to uphold a pre-arrangement to support the umpires when any querying of the umpires blew up. With no mention of any little detail like ‘depending on the merits’.

An arrangement that was made BEFORE the ANZAC day performance. And then Caro points starry-eyed to the umpire’s own review of his (and his team’s) own performance as proof there weren’t actually any errors!


Umpiring can be hard. I think we’d all admit that. But it’s not good for the game to have that level of errors. Dismissing the issue is not going to make things better. Rather they should be open and look at why these things happen and see if there is an obvious way to minimise the errors.

other industries do it