2 tickets Port game. Level 2

Hey all.

I just realised that I won’t be able to attend the game this weekend. I’ll be watching blokes way more committed than our rabble. I’m taking my wife to the Priscilla stage show for her b’day.

So the first person who wants them pm me and they’re yours. And the magic word that you’re after is FREE!


Lucky ■■■■


Sorry too burnt by Dogs game.

Medallion Club Level 2 with under ground Car Park ticket.


PM if a glutton for punishment.

@magicalcharlie was the winner! Tix gone.

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I literally did a swap with a saints fan, my tickets to Ess vs Port for their tickets to Gee vs StK.

The plan is we watch each others team get belted and don’t feel so bad about our own teams.


Due to bltn Jnr playing his first ever game of junior footy this Sunday, I won’t be able to attend.

I have a single ticket on ground level on the forward flank.
Aisle 10 Row L
I believe it’s closer to the Essendon Cheersquad end.

$30 (which is what I paid for it)

First to PM me gets it.
I will reply when I can, as I’m at work till late evening !

After cracking the ■■■■■ last weekend and cancelling flights and accommodation my tickets are available if someone want to subject themselves to more pain.
2x HM tickets, level 2, Aisle 30.
Free of charge

Tix gone.

You know what’ll happen? We’ll beat Port in a thriller and you’ll be ■■■■■■ you didn’t make the trip.


Win, lose or draw I get ■■■■■■ when I miss a game.

We won’t be going this weekend. Two level 2 HM tickets. Free to good home.

■■■■ talk about jumping off the ship…

With good reason mind you…

Lolz no quite… we are in Tassie ( for the next month anyway) and only make it to a few games a year. Always offer our seats to Bomber fans when we can’t make it.

Seats are gone btw.


It’s wonderful that you offer them to someone else. A great thing to do.

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Lol … that’s kind but it’s pretty simple. I hate seeing empty seats at our game. If I was to contribute to empty seats it would make me not only hypocritical but a ■■■■ bloke, umm if I was a bloke.


I respect this heaps. Its a travesty seeing etihad or the G filled, but not to capacity because l2 aren’t showing up. or too busy enjoying their prawn sandwiches.

especially afl members.

Yep, same. No point having empty seats.



Okay, no point my single ticket going to waste either.
Ground level, near HFF (Aisle 10)


First to reply to this msg gets it.
Then PM me your Email Address.

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PM Mendozzaaa aswell just to make sure.