#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


He looks like he is carrying something.

They should manage him but giving him a break next week ready for Grundy.


My advice to Tom is to fight like hell to keep your spot in the side. If you let it go, you might never get it back.

The kid is ready.


Has to make way for Draper.

Belly is have no impact at all.


Good grief, someone drop him for mercys sake. Draper is smashing down the doors for selection and Bellchambers is on last rites.


He’s cooked


The bell has tolled.

Edit : I actually think he is slowly working his way into the season.


Spring or summer???


Charged with striking but only a fine


wait… striking who?

Edit : Zorko apparently.


I’m backing TBELL to turn it around. Obviously in the twilight of his career but had a career best season last year so should have plenty to offer