#2 Tom Bellchambers 🛎


Doesn’t look interested


The likelyhood of this coaching team making an unforced change by bringing Draper in, is about 2%.

It needs to happen tho.


The future is now, our ruck stocks are poor, Sammy needs game time in the 1s.


I’m obviously in the minority in thinking our ruck combo worked ok last night. Gawn’s an absolute gun but I thought the two of them worked him over in the second half. He was completely cooked.


He’s done. Had no impact on the game. Has had 4 weeks to show something… and hasn’t.


Surely, Belly is injured? Legit could not run at several stages today. Injured or seriously unfit or both. Clarke actually played a better game than him. I think it’s time for Draper to come in. Draper & Clarke next week. When Tom is fit/uninjured, Draper & Tom, with Draper starting in the ruck.


Clarke is a better centre bounce Ruckman, than Bellchambers.

Watch his ruckwork against Melbourne last week.


He looks very sore, but regardless of what the issue is he is currently a liability and Draper deserves a crack.


You can keep persisting with him, has no presence around the ground at all. Get Draper in


He’s either severely underdone or he’s fallen off the cliff big time. I hope it’s the former but I fear for the latter. If he’s cooked then we are in dire straits in terms of our ruck department. I get the hopes for Draper but you can’t bank on a kid who basically started playing the game 4 years ago and is rookie listed.


I was only app watching and at one stage AFL app was saying ground he was injured and had a green band of minutes that looked like he had been off the ground?? Anyone know if he had limited minutes?


Was excellent last season. Post-season surgery & restricted preseason. Think it is a case of being seriously underdone.


Lucky to get his hands to the ball let alone a HO to advantage


You watch Grundy last night and he’s effectively an extra mid. We either need more from him, or we need someone else


71% time on ground


Was off for a bit prior to half time. Rumours in the game day thread suggested a shoulder issue. Came back after half time, though. Spent time down forward as well as in the ruck, but had no run whatsoever in the second half.


Glacier like again

If he’s injured rest him. If not drop him


surely they’ll rest him for North or Pies. Even when he’s fit (and hopefully the reason he’s not is that he’s carrying something) he struggles to play regular games on a short turnaround so the North game would be perfect to rest him and give Draper a go


He’s either not right, and shouldn’t be playing, or he is right and playing like crap and should be dropped


He’s jumping and moving about as well as I do.

That’s not a good thing. I’m over 40 and 130 kgs…