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The point is to hurt your opponent to the point they can’t continue. How you do that is the ‘more’ you’re talking about.

That is such a poor comparison.

Every time someone steps into a boxing ring, they know that they are going to be repeatedly hit around the head.

When was the last time you suffered from blunt force trauma whilst driving your car?

Dunno, you would just think that after having multiple years of concussion education forced down your throat through the AFL system you may be a bit more weary of turning your head into a speedbag.

It really just means they would be completely aware of the risks

Knowing the risks Doesn’t mean you cant still enjoy something

4 months ago

And unlike in a boxing ring i had no option to block the punch

How many times does the average boxer get hit in the head during a fight?

I bet it’s more than once every four months

(and I sincerely hope that you’re ok after your accident)

I’m fine, thank you

It depends really, on average they probably dont fight much more regularly than that
There are several different ways to approach a fight, in fairness there was absolutely zero defending in this particular fight but its far from impossible to fight and not take a shot to the head at all

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Man, people are precious. Combat sport has been around forever. Nobody is forced into it (these days). If you don’t like it, don’t watch.


It’s technique. It’s tactic. It’s attrition. It’s more than just “me hit you”.

All those things just to knock the other person out, you’re just using more words.

Anyway I don’t care it exists I just think it’s dumb happy for people to enjoy it.

I also think horse racing is dumb and should be banned.

I’m not gonna die on either of those hills though.

Wanna shitcan boxers for making a bad choice that you wouldn’t? Meh, ok, I guess.

But if at the same time you drink, smoke, do any recreational drugs, lead a sedantry lifestyle, consume heaps of refined sugar or sleep around, kindly shut your trap.


This sounds like a DJ King story.

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given cte is only accurately diagnosed after death it would be extremely difficult to pin it on either activity.

a waiver might make someone feel nice but it wouldn’t actually do anything

what else are middle aged small business owners supposed to gamble on mid-week?

Where is the training for head contact in AFL though

Boxing is too tame, we should turn the MCG into the colosseum and make ■■■■■ fight to the death. You’re guaranteed not to have any brain injuries when you retire that way.


Its amazing how many saga big mouth journos came from premiership teams in the 2000s that had big question marks around the use injectables & recreation drugs like speed, coke etc. I drank a drink that was laced with speed once (unknown to me), can vouch that its certainly a PED.

I reckon Geelong, West Coast, Collingwood, Hawthorn & Brisbane all cheated to win premierships using PEDs, all with the AFL elites with their heads up their arses.


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It’s the circle of life


TBC has posted a sad Instastory where his wife reveals that they miscarried twins during covid. Fingers crossed they have successful fertility treatment.