#2 Tom Bellchambers 🛎

How could you possibly distinguish between damage / mismanagement from the AFL career vs damage incurred during boxing career?

We should stop people joining the army, navy, airforce and police. They could get killed.

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Such a crap sport whats so fun a about getting your head bashed

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It’s all about men being tough and sick as bro


The money you get for getting your head bashed.

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Muhammad Ali is an idiot. Harsh!

Obviously he had some issues which stemmed from his time in the ring but he has said he had no regrets, it’s what he felt he was destined to do. It was a pathway to keep him focused and without it he ultimately would never have achieved the platform that he did to become the influential and well recognised activist that he was.

Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, the list goes on of guys who grew up in poverty, and the sweet science of boxing was the vehicle for them to use their talents to forge a better life for themselves and to avail themselves and their family with greater opportunities.

Tyson Fury, humble upbringing. Now a World Champion, and a multi millionaire.

Nobody should ever be forced to do it obviously, but sometimes for some of these guys it is a judgement they’ve made that it is the best use of their talents and a better alternative than either getting involved in stuff they shouldn’t or just better than living a mundane life when boxing gives them the adrenaline that they enjoy, despite the potential for health issues later in life.


15 or 20 years of competitive footy is fine, but a 9 minute boxing bout…

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The plan is to be the one doing the bashing, that’s where the fun is.


It’s actually a beautiful sport when you understand it.


Looks like he copped the golden fist.


to see Cam Mooney’s face punched in?


Its their own heads, they are adults

This ■■■■■■■ culture of banning everything for peoples own good cos we know better

Seen the road toll? Why arent cars banned? Oh right cos that would actually impact the people running this agenda

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whos banning anything?

the comment was just about why they would do this knowing how ■■■■■■ up their brains may become.

Hmmm not sure that’s true, the objective is to hit someone clean enough in the head you rattle their brain to the point they can’t stand up.


There is more to it.



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Maybe thats what your comment was, which is why i wasnt responding to you or about your comment

There were several earlier comments, variations of boxing shouldnt be allowed

I work in an extremely dangerous industry and participate in multiple sports with the potential for serious injury, all of which I enjoy doing

Why does the same explanation not suffice for these guys just because they are ex footballers??

I’d be happy to look 93 shaked up with a Valance.