#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž

Sureley this is the end of bellcho? Hasn't had a good season since 2013. Nearly 4 years ago?
I think he was given a two year contract....


As long as he can pull the ladies and look good in Cargo pants, he stays.



Running in 4 weeks, push for selection after 8 weeks. Round 1 is 9.5 weeks away. Not the end of the world.

More likely 3 or 4 VFL games in 2017 with underdone fitness and hampered by injury.

Roll on 2018

Ffs Seriously why spend 2 months waiting and seeing, just go see the specialist ffs.

Ffs if we pull the same stunt with JD in a week… Ffs

FFS, where do you get the false impression we spent β€œ2 months waiting and seeing”? FFS


R.I.P. Tom β€œThe Big Dog” Bellchambers

R.I.P. Tom "The Big Dog" Bellchambers
Daddy ding dong.

R.I.P. Tom "The Big Dog" Bellchambers

I have personality


How long since Tom did a pre season or played out the season. Must be big questions about his suitability given lis lack of fitness.


Tom himself was surprised that he got his last contract extension. The poor bloke must be frustrated as hell.


Tom had a very frustrating year in 2015. Thinking back, His mobility seemed poor, but he won plenty of hitouts. How much of his poor form was due to the injuries ? Building on poor form of 2 years ago is going to be difficult. Its not like he was suddenly cut down by an injury when in ripping form.


Tom hasn’t had anything but a frustrating year since 2013.




Gender transitional?


It was mentioned earlier but it’s pretty obvious we took the conservative route with Tom and got it wrong. I hope our judgement is better moving forward especially with Joe.


Great news




How many surgery Tom have?


Best wishes Tom, great to see his fashion sense remains too.