2014 Disposal Quality Assessment

If you run the stats for the ratio of clangers to disposals for a range of core  players,  I guess there are probably no surprises to find that the top 5  are pretty much:


Myers on 7%  clangers,  

Winders on 7.3%

Zaka on 7.4%

BJ on 7.6 %

Jobe on 7.7%


Hepp is at 12.5% 


Now considering that Jobe is pretty much always tagged,  the fact that his in the top 5 pretty much shows he is an outstanding player ( which we all know )


The 2 outside players who are in the top 4 are classic cases of fast runners who get the time to make good decisions


But the surprise to some may be that Myers tops the ratio for clangers as a percentage of possessions and for an inside player thats pretty good.  Maybe he is underated,  but having said that this is only one of a whole lot of KPIs upon which a player can be judged.


As a matter of interest ,  for comparison,  Gary Ablett tops the league for clangers and has a ratio of 13.0%

Jobe performs much better than Ablett on this ratio.


Also of note,  only 1 EFC player appears in the top 50 for average clangers per match.  That guy only played one game.


Of the new players this season Martin Gleeson was best at 6% clangers/possession.  Pretty obvious he had a cool head across the half back line,  made good decisions and executed well .  Shame he didnt get more games this year.


Clangers are not the only indicator of quality of disposal.   For instance who is best at making a disposal that results in a goal ?  But clangers cause turnovers and clangers on the half back line will result in a 50 metre entry for the opposing side.





How is a clanger defined? Is the pressure the disposer is under at the time a factor? Ie, a snap out of a pack situation that goes to the opposition- is that a clanger?

According to the glossary of AFL terminology,  



a blatant, unforced error. Most typically, this will be either conceding a free kick, or kicking or handpassing the ball directly to an opponent.  

I guess they separate out frees against ,  in the AFL stats,  so a clanger is:  


"kicking or handpassing the ball directly to an opponent."    


You would have to call that  "an unforced turnover".  

Clangers include frees against.


You could have 1 clanger and 0 touches and a clanger percentage of divide by 0 error.

useless stat if thats all you look at.

Clangers include frees against.


You could have 1 clanger and 0 touches and a clanger percentage of divide by 0 error.

Jetta; 0 touches, 1 clanger. 

Simple statistic that doesn't take into account Butchering A Disposal that should've hit a team mate on the chest but ends up being wide, ala Ambrose pass to Chapman that Chapman was able to make good with a classy left foot snap. 

Would be interesting to see how the software the club uses calculates disposal efficiency and how the players are rated on that.