2015 hindsight performers

So last year there were a lot of guys on the move, and as per normal there were people who were fans of them, people who thought getting rejects was silly. So I thought I’d go back and have a look at a few. Given most of these guys I haven’t watched I’ll either be relying on what has been said around here (e.g. Aceman on Lowden) or going off stats.

Lowden & Grimley: the spoken of alternatives to Giles. Both have failed to crack senior games in 2015. Grimley won the VFL goal kicking with 44 goals (ahead of Lisle and McBean), playing 19 games. Lowden by reports (cough, throwaway comment by Aceman, cough) has been poor in the SANFL. Hindsight view: Lowden was a bullet missed, Grimley could still be of value given our KP woes

O’Rourke: Ok, so we were never in the hunt. And he ended up playing 2 games. Avg 19.5 possies in the VFL, so maybe still has time on his side. Hindsight view: not yet certain, but probably no loss especially given the high price

Clark: Has produced well, when on the park. But hasn’t been on the park often. 8 games is not a great investment, but not out of line with what Clark has achieved historically. Hindsight view: came cheap, no real loss

Jack Crisp: 22 games at 22 possessions, 4.8 tackles and 0.7 goals. A lot of people said he might be good, they were right. Hindsight view: would have been ■■■■■■ useful

Mark Whiley and Jaksch: Jaksch has 6 AFL games for 10 disposals and 0.2 goals a game, 11 VFL matches for 6 goals 2 total. Whiley (who?) has played 8 games for 12 possessions. This is Carlton we’re talking about, so if he can’t get games there he probably can’t get them anywhere. I think there was interest on Blitz for Whiley, and a little for Jaksch. Hindsight view: Couldn’t have wished a pair of worst outcomes on a better club.

Hallahan: Played 12 of the first 15 games, averaged 19 disposals then stopped playing. Injured or dropped? Hindsight view: Needs someone who has watched GCS to say.

Garlett: Played every game, averaged 11 disposals, but kicked 40 goals (1.8 per game) and had 4 tackles a game. Hindsight view: we knew we wanted a small forward, he was there, we couldn’t get him. Rats.

Tim Membrey: Lots of opposing views on Membrey on Blitz. As it turns out he cracked the Saints side for 12 games, kicked 9 goals and 10.5 disposals. Hindsight view: Those who questioned his ability at AFL level were right

Shane Biggs: Broken into the Bulldogs team, and across the last 7 games is averaging 23 disposals a game. I’ve seen a bit of the Bulldogs, and he’s playing very nicely . Hindsight view: would have been good, but didn’t necessarily suit our needs then or now. But at the cost of pick #37 becoming pick #37, was a steal.

So in summary, there were some BIG potential wins out there for the price - Crisp & Biggs, who both were huge performers in the NEAFL. Others have been good to miss (hah, Carlton, hah!). And some who we knew were likely good (Garlett) but couldn’t get, and a few with question marks still on them (Grimley, Hallahan, O’Rourke).

If Essendon really want to move up the ladder, we need to win some of these kinds of trades in the future. If we cut really deep, we would be able to offer guys like Lyons or O’Brien consistent game time. Maybe we should.

Pretty fair summary.
Trading is fraught with danger. I always thought you trade for two reasons. A weakness in your team or for depth options.

Having said that I’d have no problems trying a few trades for a fourth (or third) round pick for someone who was relatively young who hasn’t had the opportunity at their club.

I think for us it’s essential to either take one chance on a free agent or trade option along with drafting a mature age player every year. That’ll be two ‘non-rookie’ players that should help improve the list and make youngsters coming into the club earn a spot. Not just handed to them.

Good thread. Appreciate it.

Shows that half the art of trading is knowing when not to trade. Hooker + 19 for Caddy is one that comes to mind - people were screaming for it but it was definitely the right move not to do it.

Uh gold coast rejected us. And cale too

19 + Hooker was probably overs, but Caddy is turning into a handy clearance player in the age bracket we need one (still pref to have Hooker on our list though).

What was the Eagles deal for Cale?

What was the Eagles deal for Cale?

Two second round picks.

Good summary, the grimley thing was exactly that, a fwd who could also ruck seeing as we could all see the gap there so he still seems interesting to me but smacks surge would probably nix any future interest from us (if the club ever had any anyway)

I wonder how much Lobbe likes Ryder.

Good thread this