2015 Original Recipe Completed Trades

Vandrs Trades S.Hill, J.Carlisle and a Rnd 9 pick


Wimm for Pick8, Darcy Lang and Toby McLean

Westozziebomber trades 6th round pick


Amesome Scotty for jarrad waite

Crazy Bomber trades Matt De Boer and James Kelly and pick 179
Blummers for Ricky Henderson, pick 30, pick 65 and pick 174

Windy Dill trades Clancee Pearce (Freo)


wimmera1 for Jack Steele (GWS)

Crazy trades Boekhurst and 53 for Kreuzer

Crazy Bomber trades pick 71


Dunlop for Brad Hill


People seem to often say that about trades I’m involved in. It makes me nervous!

Sorry, my ‘gosh’ meant: I fully expect to close my eyes for a moment and see foggy with my second round as well.

Masterful job foggy (and to somehow get a 2nd rounder out of it as well!)…I do hope you bought Kozza dinner first though.

Ah screw you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… really, really nice work foggy. A second rounder also?

Fudge trades Matthew Boyd, Brent Harvey and pick 43 to westozziebomber for Lachie Neale & pick 13.

WOB going down the pensioner route like in bbff2!

Wimmera 1 trades Jeremy McGovern & pick 62 to Mad Bomber for Andrejs Everitt & pick 83.

Dunlop trades Picks 117, 135, 153 & 171
wimmera for Pick 102

wimmera1 trades Lachie Henderson
Allblack for Pick 46

Awesome Scotty trades picks 78 & 96
Vandrs for Matthew Buntine and pick 113

Blummers trades picks 12 and 66 to Neela for Harley Bennell.

Mad Bombers trades

Nick Vlastuin

To me for pick 28