2017 Draft picks actually picked

Put players picked and comments here

Pick 1 is Cam Rayner to Brisbane (for 2 years)


cya in melbourne in 2 years.


anyone have a stream

Nothing makes you feel good about having a voice over like brad johnson reading it out.

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Does Foxtel count as a stream?

AFL app has a live video feed.

7pm + 2mins x 48 picks = ZZZZZZZZ…

Pick 2 Freo is Andrew Brayshaw…one better than his brother


He’s moved a long way up the rankings. I liked the look of him for our 2nd round pick during the champs.

So much for all the ‘Late mail’ regarding Cerra…

Pick 3 fark Carlton (poor bugger) is Paddy Dow

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Anyone that isn’t a top 10 pick in the brayshaw family is an abject disappointment.

Must have expected North to take him with pick 4.

Foxtel is like a stream of bat’s ■■■■.


Humble, modest and genuine is how Paddy Dow is described. He’ll soon get that knocked out of him at that sewer.


Hamish isn’t allowed to Christmas dinner.

Will sit at the kids table for life.

LDU is the most north melbourne of the top prospects this year. Very fitting.