2017 EFC AGM It started with a leak

Projects and marketing for five years previously. Also, according to Little a key integral member of the senior executive before being promoted to CEO

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Wellman is super impressive IMO and a worthy candidate.

Also lol at the equivocation between him and Dank/Robinson (lol should be in caps)

Ping @Alan_Noonan_10 did I use equivocation right?


That is an interesting view. Given that both Hird and Wellman have as much right to claim that they are victims of the saga as much as the players, and Evans made some critical executive mistakes that cost our Club millions of dollars and ended in player suspensions.


Once again, I want Hird back at the Club. I’d be more than happy to have Wellman back at the Club, likewise for Evans, likewise for Bomber. They’re all great Essendon people.

I don’t ever want to see any of them on the Board.

We’ve learnt much and come far. The thing that has always set Blitz apart, for me anyway, is the considered and reasoned discussion. Yes, we’re emotional, but unlike the countless other social forums, there’s a high level of intelligence here. Lots of different opinions, lots of disagreement and plenty of angst but thats part of what makes it work better than the rest.

Three years ago, we were a part of something pretty special. We took a chance, an opportunity, to shape the future of our footy club. It was powerful stuff. It was also a massive gamble. We were brave and fortune favoured us.

I’m proud of what we did. I look at where our Club is now and think, in some small way, I was a part of that transformation, we made this happen.

What it also did was provide a template for future aspirants. As seen by subsequent elections, candidates have attempted to use Blitz to get their message across. What they’ve failed to realise is that we’re a tough audience. Our bullshit meter is strong. They usually don’t stay long.

So here’s the thing, and at the end of the game, it’s really the only thing that is important.

Do you believe Paul Cousins have Katie Lio have represented you well?

Do you believe the footy club is better for them being on the board?

Do you believe any of the other candidates would represent you better than Paul and Katie?

Once again we have the opportunity to shape the future direction of the footy club. Its an opportunity we seized with both hands three years ago. It’s no less important this time round.


No changes for mine.

If Hird was available for the appointed position, then I couldn’t think of anyone better.
But that seems extremely unlikely.

The idea, though, that you’d keep Hird out while it was fine for others who were there at the time to stay…well, you say this place is supposed to be about reasoned debate. That sounds unjustifiable at best and vindictive at worst to me.


With the greatest respect, could someone please tell me what each of them have done? No offence intended.

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Yeah I get what you’re saying and it does deserve an explanation.

I’m not displeased that Heffernan is going. I’m not across what he did or didn’t do during the saga but my feeling is he should have been across it more or earlier.

I think Brasher is the only other board member and he came in at the end when the damage was done. I don’t hold him responsible.

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The idea that we are “bringing back” some of these great Essendon people to the club, but we are saying there is a proviso - you are no longer worthy to serve on our Board - is one of the most repugnant ideas I have read on Blitz.
Such a misguided view could only stem from a complete lack of understanding of their accountability; a misunderstanding of the role of a Board member and what ‘governance’ actually means; failure to understand the emotional and social impact of applying a life long sentence/punishment; failure to recognise that most of those listed above have already been punished far beyond anything they deserved etc etc etc.
It is also an opinion which values ‘image’ over substance, which was one of key drivers of the whole saga mess.

I really like Katie Lio’s contribution on Blitz, but seriously I think she needs to sack Darli as an unofficial campaign supporter as she will lose votes if anyone associates such obnoxious, misinformed crap with her.


Fair enough.
It seems a very broad view, as someone has already mentioned in a little more detail, and not one I share.
But it is at least a view I can understand.

It is a very broad view. To explain it fully would take time I don’t have. There are some discussions that work better in person over a bottle or two of red.

This is one of them.

Firstly, let me assure you that I know exactly what governance means. I’ve worked with and for boards most of my working life.

And I believe neither you, nor I, nor anyone that wasn’t intimately involved at the time, will ever have a full understanding of what went on.

To believe otherwise is naive.

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So we have 3 Senior List spots and 2 Rookies to pick from this list. Am I doing it right? Is @Catherine_Lio the inside mid we’ve been searching for?

On a serious note, I believe the board are doing a great job and so will be voting for them unchanged. We are quick to call for change when things go bad. The inverse should be true too.

I think Sean Wellman would be a welcome addition but this could be achieved via the Heffernan replacement position.


They probably already have Heffernan’s replacement so I don’t think it’s Wellman… It’s a pity we don’t know prior to the election.


with sheeds.


I agree. There is a danger if Wellman is elected that he will be duplicating a skill set of the undisclosed board appointment. Another skill set may not be filled. Maybe it will operate the other way and the decision on the appointed director is made post-election. Problem is the role of football director is quite specific & they clearly don’t want Wellman. Need some transparency.

I have worked in big organisations, as would other posters. My direct experience is that while the organisations tick all the governance boxes on paper, when something hits the fan, scapegoating and character assassination, often with the complicity of the media, can be more likely than not. Senate Committees also have their own agendas.
Once, when journalists in full possession of the facts were asked why they did not pursue those in a position of power, they said that they needed to maintain their contacts.
I have seen the lives of the scapegoats in my organisations scarref for life.


The only thing that could make me consider Big Ron even less is if he proclaimed he was a coeterie member,

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Couldn’t put it better myself. Darli really is making me want Welly to get up.

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Lets hope it is NOT David Evans.


Darli said, “I don’t ever want to see any of them on the Board.” (Hird was included in “any of them”).

A question for Lio and Cousins: Do you agree with Darli that Hird should never be on the board?