2017 free agents

So the list of 2017 free agents are…

Hell, who am I kidding? With Freo in freefall, and us reputedly having cap space, anyone else suddenly wondering if Fyfe will want to come here? Does he want to stay for a rebuild? And if Freo finish low enough will they take the FA compo over forcing a trade?

Interesting times, and how we’re perceived could be critical.


On a side note, Rockliff, Breust and Pittard are also free agents.

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I was listening to a whole segment of SEN the other day about Fyfe - mentioned half a dozen teams as options - no mention of Ess.
not sure where we have free cap space for such a big fish - but if the window is wide open maybe it’ll be an extra incentive to come here rather than more coin at StK, Ninthmond etc.

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Fyfe has just said he sees himself staying at Freo and win loss irrelevant to his decision at present.

Really? I’m surprised.

'Wins and losses' won't influence Fyfe's call

Travis King
April 4, 2017 4:07 PM

FREMANTLE superstar Nat Fyfe has dismissed speculation that the Dockers’ woeful form could impact his decision to re-sign with the club beyond this season.

Fronting the media after Freo’s embarrassing 89-point defeat to Port Adelaide and with his side anchored to the bottom of the ladder, the new skipper declared it was time for some “cool heads” with the “blowtorch” on the club.

Fyfe would become the hottest restricted free agent on the market at season’s end, and the 25-year-old won’t be rushed into a decision on his future.

“My contractual position is very consistent. I’ve stated that my intentions are that I see my future at Freo and that I was always going to wait until a time during the year to sign a contract,” Fyfe said.

“So wins and losses aren’t going to have any effect on that.”

More to come


Because if he really is so certain that he will stay at Fremantle it seems strange he’s not at least working on a deal now. It just seems weird not to. Saying you’re at least working on a deal would even give the club a boost and reduce the talk. It’s terrible optics that could easily be removed.

Instead, he’s saying he sees himself staying at the club while also saying he hasn’t made a decision…

My suspicion is 2017 wins/losses won’t directly impact, but what they say about the future will. So it is semantics.

Of course, this is all speculation.

I’d love for us to sign Fyfe, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t see a club captain leaving to move to another club.

However, I call bullshit on the “wins and losses won’t effect my decision” mantra he is sticking to. If that was the case then he would have already re-signed.

In saying that, I’d be disappointed if we didn’t offer him a huge offer to try and turn his head as we have the room to do so.

Honestly don’t think fyfe should be their captain. seems a bit figjam.


100% Barnz

I’d prefer we pilfer GWS or Ollie Wines from Port. Better value for money without all the BS that Fyfe brings…


Exactly. That’s why we neither want, nor need.

I’m a bit confused though, … weren’t you one saying we should get him a little while ago??

(Might be crossing my wires?)

Nah i want the player, not the ‘leader’.

itd be like getting Dustin Martin and expecting him to be co-captain or something.

But teams with good leaders can afford to manage big egos and arrogant types.

Fyfe is a cracking bloke and there is literally zero chance he moves from WA

I’d look at pittard. He’s handy, and would fill Kelly’s spot

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That article misses the body language where Fyfe shakes his head from side to side.


I honestly can’t think of a “Big Name” player OTTOMH who I think I’d personally want at the club.

I really don’t want us to go the million dollar man route, … or any FIGJAM type.

I think you do much better with players that appreciate being at the club, … I don’t want ANY that think the club should appreciate THEM being there. I can’t think of any instance where that didn’t come unstuck, & cause disunity, as it has at GC.

Except & until, last year with Boyd & the Dogs, … although the ructions there might still be on the horizon as we speak.


This is not meant to be snarky, but does are you saying you wouldn’t have brought in Goddard? I know we didn’t pay a million dollars for him, but there weren’t many bigger names at the time.

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In reality the $1m mark should’ve been surpassed years ago, its just the AFL wankers lining their own pockets.

they’ll make it look like a favour to the players when the salary cap is substantially increased.


I’m told by my Blues supporting Brother-in-Law that we are into Dustin Martin, big time.

He claims he has heard it from 3 different sources (he is a football tragic, like me),


Glad you brought BJ up, because he’s the perfect example of a player type to get.

He came in on a respectful Senior high end player wage,IIRC, about 700k per, … and he appreciated coming to the club, as he thought they could offer him not only top class facilities and huge fan base etc, … but also a chance at a long denied Flag, . . it was really a quid pro quo situation.

And I will say, that if Fyfe came in at a lower than possible payday, … that might also work.

It’s the mercenaries that are all about the bucks, bout the bucks, … that worry …

(That last line brought to you courtesy of the 3rd beer of the evening … :wink: )

Thread needs more Fogdog…

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