2017 free agents


You are talking too much sense for this thread.


Youngsters cost draft picks. FA allow both picks and to fill holes.


I really wish we were the team pursuing Josh Kelly!! He makes me feel things, unnatural things. :cold_sweat:


Shiel is off the table. re-signed with gws.


The only two free agents I would consider are Fyfe and Breust (who is not one anymore)

Fyfe, I just don’t think will leave, they have given him everything he wants so far including the captaincy. They would have plenty of cap space and no doubt throw a monster front loaded contract at him.

The teams ripe for the picking are Hawks, North (on the way down), GWS lack of opportunity. But I just don’t know if we should give up a bundle for a player on big coin.

From all reports (mostly Fogdog) we currently have some decent cap space. Throw in a chunk which will come from Watson and Goddard on new contracts or retiring, Stanton gone will clear a bit as well.

We are going to have to stump up a bunch for Parish, Zerrett and Daniher. Probably taking some of our fat. But we do have allot of kids who would be on not Mutch.

If it was me, I would be chasing Rioli, I think the story alone of him coming to ESS would be amazing. Not to mention what he would add to any side.

For GWS I’d go for Setterfield or Whitfield.


He’s been a bit of a whipping boy at times but Jasper Pittard, who has become a very good footballer would actually be very handy for us and help out in an area we lack in.


Depending on price, I’d definitely be interested in Rockliff as well.

For non-FA’s I second the suggestion of Dunkley. Think he’ll be a very classy footballer, only 2 years in, not currently getting games.


simpkin 2 year contract extension @ north.


Simpkin, ay?


Barracked for us as a kid.
We were certainties to get him in 2 years according to blitz.


Pittard staying Port. Not interested in seeking opportunities elsewhere. Happy to be one club player.


Yep, the options just keep dwindling.


Even ones the majority of us had no interest in. I had no interest in Pittard whatsoever.


And it would seem pretty clear the club had zero interest as well, o/wise we would have surely heard about it with many here not averse to posting any rumours they’ve heard, and some others so eager to show they are “in the know”, …so meh.


I reckon draft hard this year, even trade out a few if possible.

Year after (post 2018 season), hit FA and trade/s.
Aim to swing hard up the ladder in one big go with the Parish/Francis group hitting year 4, McGrath/Begley group hitting year 3, 2017 group hitting 2nd year and a free agent/trade or two.

Would evne be happy to trade out (say) 2018 pick/s if required. I’m pretty confident this list will turn around.

List build - where are we? Where are we going next

Who are the key free agents available at end of 2018?


Apparently Zaharakis is available. WSPHU


We never land the big fish. No way Zaharakis ever plays for Essendon.


We missed the boat on trading out assets. Should have happened in 2015 or 2016 if we were going to do it. Unlikely to get relative good value for anyone we can really afford to lose at the end of this year.

List build - where are we? Where are we going next

I’d like to kick Hawthorn while they’re down, and pick up Cyril Rioli. He’s under contract but still…