2018 MRP MRO and Tribunal stuff


It wasn’t that dirty. Calm down. He got a week and Adelaide will be worse off for it. We won. Move on.


Edit: you know what? Agree to disagree.

I think a player makes a decision, however fast, they deal with the consequences, regardless of intent. You don’t, that’s fine.



didn’t know where else to put it as there doesn’t seem to be a mrp thread yet.

so mason cox gets a week for striking with the elbow, under what i assume to be a reckless act that “could possible have the potential to cause serious injury”.

However an adelaide player cos go past the ball, hip and shoulder someone recklessly, hit him in the head (or the very least give the impression that he made head high contact) actually do cause an injury to which a player missed the rest of the game, and that action is the same.

If douglas’s act only warranted 1 week, then the other action deserved no weeks.

so there’s still a gap between sentencing, now it’s just lesser sentences so far.


i was upset at losing zach, but not at the bump.

now that we actually got the win.
Id prefer douglas to be playing the tiges this week. make the game more entertaining. see if he can stop dusty.


One of the benefits OR drawbacks to the new system of snap MRP judgments is that they have less chance of knowing the severity of many hits.

They were both deliberate snipes which didn’t make full contact, close enough.


cox and the alien that plays for brisbane should’ve got 2 weeks in my opinion, but hey, it’s the afl and striking to the head seems to be on par with a bump. go figure.

shrug emoji


But the deliberation is not on his choice. That bit is/was always clear. He chose to run over the ball, not so much as look in its direction, and bump. The question is whether there was head contact. That bit is meaningful and deserves however much time it takes to get right - and has NOTHING to do with how much time Douglas had to decide whether or not to bump.


One more thing. I know it’s just an opinion, but I really can’t agree with the “don’t mind the bump” and “it’s all part of the game”, and “I wish our boys would do it more often”, that often comes with this kind of incident. I for one DON’T want to see one of the opposition taken out like this. I wouldn’t feel any different if it was Sloane taken out by one of our guys. I don’t think it is just “part of the game”. Guys get brain injuries playing footy. Reasonably commonly, it turns out.

The game is a physical one, and head knocks are a part of the risk, and I am happy enough with that, where the instances occur in play/incidental, without intent. If Douglas had his eyes on the ball and was trying to gather it, and this exact same contact/extent of injury had resulted, no one would be too fussed. What we don’t need is guys taking the cheap shot just because the ball is thereabouts. I’m all for bumping players fairly where you don’t get their head, and shunting them off the ball. Big hip and shoulder to their side is fine, I reckon (and yes I know a busted rib or whatever is possible). But where it gets the head, or has that risk and turns out it does get them there - that carries a long term brain injury risk, and IMO has GOT to be penalised.

I don’t mind a high impact physical game which has collision injury risks. Just don’t need the sniping.


Tribunal on Now.


To top it off, deliberately smacking Zach in the mouth (resulting in blood coming from his mouth) with his free hand. Douglas could have gone another week for that IMO.


Douglas still guilty, verdict stands.


Sounded like the Crows tried all sorts of things to get him off and were laughed off.
Gil has another $10k to donate to his polo club or put in the AFL slush fund to prop Norf up


Bio-mechanist for Crows admitted that time between picture frames they were relying on was critical to judging impact, and also admitted he didn’t know the time between frames. Couldn’t exclude shoulder to head contact, but thought it was unlikely.

Not exactly well prepared considering -$10K result.


I like the way they all ignored the fact that Douglas slaps him in the head also while bumping him.


Apparently the AFL rep asked this bio-mechanist if his eye sight was better than the other people who had viewed the footage lol.
Was then dismissed pretty quickly


eat a bag douglas


Crows not real happy because of the leak about the teams blind mans buff psychological stress exercise.
Then Essendon took thenm out of their comfort zone, to add insult to injury.


Rumours now that Tex phoned all the players and abused them for leaking it to the press. Might be a major club meltdown on the way


What is wrong with this guy?