MRP MRO and Tribunal stuff - 2018

Every time a new broom comes in to the tribunal, they say there’s going to be no more stuffing around.
No more chook lotto when it comes to suspensions.
If you did it, you’ll go.

Case One
Assessment: Didn’t hit him in the head. So…fair bump? Have a week.

1 game?! Weak as water. He went past the ball and chose to bump and hit him in the head!!

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I’m not overly fussed, but it has to be two weeks or zero weeks.
Saying he missed his head and giving him a week is the worst possible decision.


Agreed. If he is deemed to have got the head, it’s worth multiple weeks. If he didn’t, then it’s play on. They’re trying to have it both ways.

Unless it was weeks and the discount is in play?

The charge is ‘rough conduct.’

All I got from that is I could carelessly knock out pannell and only have to pay 1k?


If Douglas got 1 then Charlie Dixon has too aswell

When it happened I was fuming, having seen the replay multiple times though…

Yes he ran past the ball but he did not appear to bump zerrett in the head. Allegedly people at our club agreed that it was whiplash that caused the concussion, not a knock to the head.

I think Douglas is pretty unlucky.

Except he was bleeding, so he hit his head. You don’t bleed from whiplash.

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I got that you could knock him out, pay 1k and no-one would care less.

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That could have been from impact with the turf no? I couldn’t see any contact anywhere near the mouth which is where he was bleeding from.

I should probably have posted this in here…

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How the hell do they look at that and only give him 1 week!!!


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It’s absurd that the match review panel get any longer to make their decision than the offending player had. Slow motion and frame select is inconsistent with the time the player has to make their own decision. Process stinks.

First time he did it he got 2 weeks.

Gutless sniper.

What? Why? That’s not how any trial system works at all.

No, he had a swinging arm that collected his mouth while he shouldered the top of his shoulder.

I hadn’t seen the angle that @Catherine_Lio posted. Fair enough.

Forgetting all there stupid rules. 1 week seems right.

2 weeks is too much for that IMO

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