2018 MRP MRO and Tribunal stuff


1 week for the sicily knee drop - just fark off afl.


“free kick Hawthorn”


Just 2 players scrambling as Selwood trying to get up according to Ralph.

I tend to think there is a duty of care not to kneel on a players head.

It’s nice to see the spirit of Sam Mitchell is alive and well at the Hawks.


I know it technically wasn’t right, and is “Not a good look”, … but Duckwood grabbed hold of his leg as he tried to get up and get going and Sicily just went “alright cokk, … cop this”, … and I for one applauded the effort at the time.


This wasn’t pinning a guy down with his knee; this was a knee drop to the temple.

As intentional high contact, that means it was rated as low impact (others options are medium, high, and severe). The System™ ranks it the same as a jumper punch, despite there being a lot more risk to it.

Obviously he’s not going to contest it and get 2 weeks instead.


Don’t get any extra weeks for contesting it anymore. Club just has to pay a $10k “levy” to Gil’s polo club


Is there a 2018 table, or did they just remove all the higher penalties?


l have no love for Duckwood, but it is a weak act to knee a player while they are on the ground, even more so to the head. Sicily is bit of a goon, so 1 week sounds about right.


I thought, if the other bloke is concussed, you would get a week. Obviously not.


Generally head clashes are not sanctioned because it is clearly accidental and both players hit their heads.


I thought it was, if you chose to bump instead of tackle then you are responsible for any head clash that may result.


Common sense prevailed with the Burton hit


Looking forward to this exact same occurrence given a suspension later in the year.


The Sicily stomp


Surely a fine will suffice?


Another waste of time.
I thought a stomp would actually be a stomp, not gingerly placing his foot on the guy’s leg.
Not sociable, but nor is it as bad as half the stuff that goes on in packs.
Give the guy a fine and move on.


I have to put my foot down and say that’s not on.


You don’t want to see underagers stomping gingerly, could be worth a week.


You mean you’d like to put your foot down, ,. yeah?


How long did Cess get for standing on Platten? This was deliberate, uncalled for and he’s an ugly ranga with a shyte attitude.

12 weeks

Not sure how Mitchell got off