2018 Season in Review: The Clapper v Gloomer Deathmatch

I don’t. I was just pointing out the inaccuracy of the comments made

I reckon its a bit rich when people only fixate on the 2nd half of the season ignoring how putrid we were with our supposed best players from round 1.


Isn’t that what this forum is about? What “we” think?

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“How did the job interview go?”
“Well I did ■■■■ my pants at the start, but I really nailed it from then on. I’m pretty confident.”



By 5 mins into the 3/4 of the Anzac Day game I was ready to microwave the membership.

The last half capitulation and lack of effort against the Dee’s was deplorable.

Thankfully I was out of the country for rounds 7 & 8.

I went to the Geelong game with absolutely no confidence, yet in the 3 months and a week post the first bounce of that game, I’ve been the most confident of our teams ability since 2001.

We need:

  • a mobile ruckman to support TBC. He did a mountain of work though isn’t gettting any younger.

  • to rid ourself of poor entries inside forward 50. We’ve been lobbing the ball high to <6 footers since the days of Alwyn Davey.

  • lift our set shot goal kicking average above the league average of 60%. Ideally 70-75%

  • Focus on hitting targets but foot with speed. We lob the ball slowly and constantly put our players under pressure.

  • get Hurley to put on 5kgs of muscle into his arms/shoulders.

  • master the kick in from a point. The Goddard 15 metre sideways right kick to Hurley deep in the pocket with the predictable long high ball 55 meters out was infuriating.

  • make certain that everyone we target in trade period and the draft are A grade users of the ball by foot.


l don’t think anyone is patting themselves on the back, nor is there is any good reason to. Taken on a whole, 2018 was in no way, shape or form a success. As many point out it, the season breaks down into two parts. I prefer to concentrate on events post the Caaarlton game, as they give us a better indication of the direction this team is now taking. Still lots of work to do, but l look forward in anticipation, not back in frustration. t helps me sleep at night.

thats why you’re my favourite taswegian.

TBC’s going to be gutted to hear that.

he made his choice with those pants


You missed the point, Barnz said he expected us to comfortably make the the 8 prior to this season, JD being injured was not anticipated and is one thing that would have made a major difference, but obviously did not, and we did not.

I disagree strongly we are worse off than this time last year, given we haven’t been blown away since our first game against Richmond in round 11 and we have significant improvement to come.

But of course we haven’t performed on the the big stage of the MCG in a dominant way yet and I can understand you protecting yourself until we have actual sustained success, and there is always a chance wheel’s can fall off again for whatever reason. But from where I’m standing the future looks bright.

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Hooker, Walla, Green and Stewart were available almost all year. That’s 66% of our 2017 top line forward setup. Raz still played over half the games.

Don’t blame the injuries for the forward line going backwards.


You could argue that the reason Sydney and GWS aren’t top 4 is because we beat them and conversely that Collingwood and Hawthorn are top 4 because they beat us, and both got to play us in the first 8 rounds when we were at our worst.

I don’t consider any of those teams as notably better than the others anyway.

This is pretty spot on.

The intensity required to play four quarters against good teams is what we still lack I think.

Even in wins we often let a 3-4 goal slip, and in some losses is absolutely cost us the game - the second Hawthorn match we had two seperate 3 goal leads in the first half taken back to zero, then again led by two and a half goals in the third quarter and fell back.

I think our list is pretty close - especially given how even the comp is, it’s our mentality that needs to improve to take us up to the top 4.

I’m still worried about our performance against rivals in front of big crowds, I’ve read the counter arguments that all games are worth four points, but I think it’s one hurdle every list has to jump before they win a flag. We won’t win a flag if we win one game a year at the MCG and looking at the ladder we’ll be competing against Hawthorn, Collingwood, Richmond , Melbourne in the next few years if we do rise up.

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Improved on the back of Langford, McGrath, Parish(two of them having a spell in the 2s as well) and Zmerrett beating the tag.

I’d set our goals internally to knock off Richmond, Collingwood and Hawthorn for next year and then see where we land come September.

For me…well I have this long term prediction to return to, which I made after JLT (before Round 1):

The main thing that I would change now, is the assessment I made about the kids:

  • Francis has gone from potentially quitting football, to a rising star nomination.
  • Langford has gone from ‘positive signs’ at VFL level, to ‘positive signs’ at AFL level (I’m not so surprised about that one).
  • Parish finished the season well.
  • Redman has been rejuvenated by switching to the half back line.
  • Laverde showed some signs as a clearance mid, late in the VFL season.
  • When I made the above post, I probably hadn’t seen much of Guelfi…probably hadn’t seen anything of Zerk/Mynott…all low draft picks, and I think they have potential.

These positive signs from the kids makes me encouraged about the future…now that I think about it, I like the attitude of the young guys. They all seem pretty diligent, like they want to compete, like they’ll work hard to try to succeed…so currently, I’m feeling like where we just finished on the ladder for 2018, should really be a low watermark for several years. As long as we tick off a decent trade period/draft, I am going to start 2019 with my median expectation being finals.


We don’t agree on much Barnz and that’s not going to change here. I get what you and Scorpio are saying but I don’t see it that way.

I didn’t expect to make the 8 so where we finished or how we started is irrelevant to me. The second half of the season is what we take into next year.

I see reasons for the first half of the year and they were rectified so I’m happy. You and others aren’t, so be it.

Saad, String and Smith had a settling in period as we did to them.
JD was not fit and playing poorly and our fwd line was structured around him.
Fanta was in and out and McK bit someone and missed 3.

Hooker is a natural backman and I hope he stays there. Bags came fwd to apply pressure and did it well. We weren’t predictable going fwd and SSS settled in and all finished with v good seasons. Young guys, Parish, Lang and Francis were all around the votes in a last game win away from home.

I don’t care about missing finals, I’d rather take a season or two to build toward being a very good side than one that finishes 7th or 8th.

The start was poor and I see reasons and I see that the things we could rectify were and the finish to the year was awesome and that’s where we are now at.

We are in a far better position now than when we were bullied by Sydney last year and I’m very happy with the progression that I believe we’ve made.


I truly don’t understand this rationale. We were awful, we fixed the awful. It’s kinda like being marked in an end of year exam on how much you knew at the start of the year.

I think we’re struggling as a group to comprehend being a team that improves so much as the year progresses. Hasn’t happened to us for a long, long time. :upside_down_face:


you know you get marked on coursework and assignments as well as the exam? and making finals was our hurdle? who cares that we got a HD on the exam, we failed the hurdle.