2019 Draft Watch - it’s over, apart from all the remaining bits

Or thought ours were better than and have realised we were wrong?

What if they were good enough just not #fromagoodfamily

Can they protect the kids?

God forbid. I ■■■■■■■ hate the idea that six months ago we re-signed players because there was nobody in the entire country better or with more upside, nobody better than guys who are six injuries away from getting a game. Now suddenly we’ve spotted players who could provide something useful to the senior team, players who’ve played at best a handful of state league games since we last saw them. By definition, every single one of these players was available last year, any of them could be on our rookie list already.

Then at the end of this year we’ll give a couple of players who can’t crack the team a one year extension because there’s just nobody available that late in the draft, the depth isn’t there, so why waste a pick? And then come May 2020, there’ll be an undiscovered ■■■■■■■ gem.



Rant retracted if we just pick up some big lump as a backup ruckman.

I remember last off-season, one explanation that filtered out of the club was along the lines of: “When you add too many new players, it places a strain on the coaches, their development efforts are spread thin, and you have to spend too much on soft cap to support inexperienced players”.

If I restate that most cynically, coz that’s how I feel sometimes: “Yeah we’re only really going with a list of like 35 genuinely prospective players, because we can’t really be bothered putting in the effort to work with more”.

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That development issue was why we don’t have 3 Cat-B rookies. Guys who are completely new to the game definitely do take up a lot of coaching resources. Players coming from an AFL pathway, especially mature players, would take far less.


Round 1-8 2018 proves this theory wrong.

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Road to the draft with Derek Hine (Pies Recruiter)
Pies Recruiter Derek Hine said they rate players by position pre draft
U18 champs should sort the top 25 players out
We need to bring more taller athletic players into the competition, maybe a Ruck Category B list type.
AFL US Combine should have been kept

Varcoe, Wells, Tyson Goldsack likely to finish up soon.
Mid season draft

  • Is it worth the investment, does a player meet our needs, if not we wont pick
    Chris Scott uneasy with clubs warehousing players so they get them before next years draft.
    AFL - need to consult to with clubs before bringing in mid season trades.

Nick Daicos tracking well as a future father son prospect. Already working within the club, genuine love of the game and collingwood. Hes taller than Josh Daicos, good aerially.

All clubs looking for the edge, hoping afl stop moving the goal posts, given investment they can spend in this area
funny questions asked to draftees
If you were steve smith and Dave Warner - what would you have done?
If your friend was injured or sick and you were driving them to the hospital would you drive through a red light?
What Car do you think you are?

Championships coming up in the next couple of weeks

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I’m a 1982 Jaguar XJS Series III.
Past its prime and taken a fair bit of damage after being knocked about a lot, but still plenty of grunt under the hood and still just a little bit classy.
Not a Porsche, but not a Laser either.

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Vic Country will play Vic Metro this Saturday in the first game of the championships, plenty of players to look out for but expect Metro to take home the win.

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Road to the Draft - Under 18 Champs preview
Friday APS level Melbourne vs Scotch school footy game - who’s who of recruiters there, .
Finn MCguiness outstanding - Hawks Father son. kicked 4 goals in school footy, Big midfielder, SOlid, Tall
Maurice Rioli Junior - exciting, short not at fitness levels at afl level but everything he touched turned to gold.
Todd Garner hawks nga prospect did some ok things

Earliest clubs will take a ruckman will be late first round.
Tom Green will play for Allies - Jacob Hopper type in Giants academy likely a top 10 prospect (Yet that GWS guy whinges about our NGA Academy when Johnson is a likely Rookie prospect)
Lachie Johnson - a little bit quiet - Lions f/s ess academy
Thomson Dow - started year well - forward/mid powerful, quick,
Caleb Serong - similar to Ben Ainsworth powerful small forward, good hands.

Vic country

Afl are Talking about protecting top picks 1-2 picks in future trades - ie if Crows get pick 1/2 then AFL under new rules afl considering Crows would miss out blues keep pick 1 and Crows would get blues 2020 pick instead of 2019 pick…That may deter clubs from trading current picks for future picks

Should Dons have picked Marlion pickett?
Will Snelling - small forward - a little short on for small forward depth and pressure.
Comfortable with Essendon going down that route - replace Devon Smith/Baguley
Suits essendons needs to early to tell

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If you were steve smith and Dave Warner - what would you have done?
Won the series.

If your friend was injured or sick and you were driving them to the hospital would you drive through a red light?
Only if it won the game.

What Car do you think you are?
The winning car.


Bit leaky, eh?

I’m not a vintage car just yet, thank you.

I don’t know whether this was a typo, or what, but I’m surprised more (read: any) haven’t jumped onboard this very awesome question.

I might have asked the question “What is the difference between using sandpaper to make a ball swing and using lozenges to make it swing?”
or even
“Should I have rubbed it on my zipper instead of sandpaper?”

I assume you’ll be in attendance, will you be keeping a close eye on any particular player/s or just watching to see who stands out?

Would love a Rantall watch. Plenty of upside, and should be around at our second rounders.

I’ve got a viral infection so won’t be attending but will be watching at home, Rantall I like but his kicking needs a lot of work still, in terms of workrate and midfield craft he looks a good prospect, very clean by hand and rarely misses a target by hand.

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